The Gantt Report: The Black Political Clap Back


By:  Lucius Gantt

     There are two major political parties in the United States. There are Republicans and there are Democrats.

     Twenty years ago, most, if not all, of America’s statewide and local elected officials were Democrats. There were so few Republicans in office in many communities, Grand Old Party (GOP) members could have held their caucus meetings in a phone booth!

     Today, it seems like Republican elected officials run everything. A Republican is in the White House,  Republicans are leaders in Congress of the House of Representatives and the Senate and the same is true in a whole lot of states, cities and counties!

     The Gantt Report wrote years ago that one reason for the change in political party dominance was the Republican party dominance in political science, political technology and political communications.

      People read about the demise of the party that African Americans love but they dismissed or denied it because the prediction of that demise came from a dark-skinned political writer.

      Well, political dominance is not the end. Winning elected offices is not the final political goal or purpose.

      Some Republicans in powerful positions have called for the “destruction of the state”. They want to reverse everything political. They want to change everything governmental and they want to destroy every political thing that people have ever wanted from government, such as health care, military security, civil rights, voting rights and so on.

     If Republicans in office are “ultra conservative” how do they try to influence American citizens to see things their way and support the terrible policies the ultra conservatives want to implement?

     They put a face on the opposition, a Black face!

     Many Republicans, especially many Republicans in Washington, D.C., will blame anything and everything that they can portray as bad, as negative or as undesirable on the N-word!

     This is wrong and enough is enough!

     When you have a President that is a political pretender that acts like he cares, that poses as your leader and is a habitual liar, you will have enormous political problems.

     If your insurance rates are too high, blame the Black President. If your intelligence agencies say people in the White House are political puppets of a foreign enemy and Congressional and law enforcement agencies begin investigations, you divert and distract the investigations by calling for investigations of the former National security Chief, another N-word. If an international military crisis pops up, again, blame the N-Word.

     The recalcitrant and reactionary political and community so-called leaders that you love are reluctant to say a mumbling word and the political party won’t step up their opposition to the many bad things that are said and done by people in power because they can’t. They don’t know how to respond.

     They also, perhaps, don’t want to offend the big money political contributors that are sought by both Democrats and Republicans.

     If the politicians that you voted for are afraid to comment about how the President of the United States constantly does wrongful things and puts the blame on the former President, Barack Obama, then I will do it.

     The Gantt Report is not afraid to “clap back”, so to speak!

      The idea, the practice and the habit of blaming crime, war, health care problems, educational problems, housing problems on Black people must be exposed, discredited, fought against and resisted!

     Stop being scared to stand up. Stop being scared to speak out!

     Stop being scared of biased, bigoted government leaders that surround themselves with closet klansmen, white supremacists, crooks, cronies and political yes men and yes women”!

      It is time for the Black political clap back! Barack Obama is no personal friend of mine but it is wrong to blame him for everything wrong in America and in the world! (Buy Gantt’s latest book, “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing” and from bookstores everywhere. Contact Lucius at And, if you want to,“Like” The Gantt Report page on Facebook.)


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