African American Wellness Walk hosts ‘Barbershop Talk’

COLUMBUS (WCMH) — NBC4 is committed to men’s health. That’s why we partnered with the African American Wellness walk.

A man who went on the walk last year says the event is very important to him.

“The walk was definitely a life-changing for me,” said Anthony Madison. “Last year when we went to the walk I got check that it wasn’t good numbers for me. And that kind of put the alert out for me hey man something’s not right.”

Madison said he was very concerned because high blood pressure runs in his family.

“For me it was just important to catch up at early state. So I eat a little better now a lot better now. I manage my stress levels now and it all started with the walk,” said Madison. “Do you care about somebody and then what are you doing to show that care? A lot of times we express our emotions to words but not through actions and what better way than to do that by promoting good health?”

This Thursday, the Wellness Walk hosts a “Barbershop Talk” about men’s mental health. The event begins at 5:30 and is expected to last until 8:30 at Columbus State Community College’s Workforce Development Center.

Want to learn more about the walk? Hear more from Anthony on NBC4 at 6am.


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