Opinion: Come Back Home, You’re Suffering In America, Mubita Nawa Tells Zambians

Motivational speaker Mubita Nawa spent nine years in the United States of America. His attempts to become a close associate of influential pastor TD Jakes did not yield much success. He returned to Zambia on some visit, but because he had overstayed his initial visa, he was denied a second visa by the US Embassy in Lusaka.

Fortunate for him, he re-discovered his form through motivation speaking and earned some capital to invest in some businesses, which have so far flourished. He took some time to advise Zambians he cleverly tells are suffering in the United States of America and should therefore come back.

10 Reasons Why You Must NOT GO to America

This is not an anti – America campaign. This is a pro – Africa inspiration. Some will accuse me of being unfair because I lived in the USA for nearly nine years. I believe with all my heart I am the right person to advise you because I have seen both worlds.


Many people think America is cheap and easy. On the contrary American lifestyle is so stressful. If you are broke in America you are doomed. If you are broke in Africa you can get help from friends and family.


Since September 11th 2001 the legal environment in the USA is hostile to foreigners. The luckiest people in America are those who went there before 2001.


It costs $100 to apply for a visitors visa. I know a person who applies every six months. He has spent over $3,000 in visa applications money which he could use to start a business. The air tickets to America are high for a reason; they don’t want poor people there. In Africa you are celebrated. In America you are tolerated.


There are some successful Africans in America. Nigerians in particular are doing well. But many Africans in the USA are not doing too well. Mexicans are earning more now than even the African Americans.

In the nine years I lived in the USA I never had a maid. I couldn’t afford one. In the nine years I have lived in a Zambia even my maids have maids. My garderners have gardens. My drivers will soon own cars. In America we seek empowerment. In Zambia we empower others. What we seek in America can be found in great books. What we have in Africa waits for no one.


Indeed expectations can change results. Some people are going to America because they think it’s easier there. It’s not. If you are unemployed in Africa you will be unemployed in the USA.

I would like to invite all Americans to come and live in Africa in particular in Zambia. Health care is cheap here. You don’t have to see a doctor just to get medication for a headache. Here you live on a big yard with a stream demarcating your plot from your neighbours. Your two years salary can buy you a beautiful house here. You don’t need 30 years to buy a house that will fall apart after you pay off your mortgage.


It used to hurt me everytime I visited Zambia. My friends had built houses (fully paid for), were now managers and more settled than me who was still in an apartment. It was so discouraging. In fact there was never a flight back to America that I was not depressed. I was famous in Zambia but a ‘no body’ in the USA. When I returned to Zambia nine years ago I didn’t even have a car nor a house. All I had was an American accent.


If you start a business here in Africa with $1,000 your money will double and quadruple quicker than the person in the USA who will invest the same money at the same time as you.


America is better when you are a tourist. Go visit Florida, New York or any other place as a visitor. You will enjoy America most. Bishop Joe Imakando visited me in Dallas in 2006. He slept at one of the best hotels in Dallas. A hotel I had never even eaten lunch from. It hit me then. I was in the wrong country; a country I could brag about but couldn’t afford to live in.


Your blessing is in Africa. Africa needs you. Joseph went to Egypt as a slave, then a prime minister and still went back to Israel.


This is not an easy place. It’s dusty at times, corruption can be discouraging and so on. Politics here sucks. But it is the best place to be in the world. Ask Dangote. Ask MTN. Ask Supersport. These are African companies doing well in Africa. Africa is like a tortoise; slow at times but always sure.


If you want to go to the USA please do. When you get there and discover I was wrong then pray for me. If you discover I was right then pray for me still. It is your life and it is my opinion. But it is our wisdom together.

If you love American life and you are currently in America but want to come home and don’t know where to start from please come. Home is home. Come home where you are free to move around, to travel and to be at family events. Nine years ago I had nothing. I started with on $130 and I have built some amazing enterprises with my wife. I was ashamed at first but I am ok now. Come home where you belong.

Come home we eat Ziwaya together. Come home we drive on our narrow roads with full tanks in cars paid for by cash. Come home we attend family weddings we sing “namonga” together. You are welcome here now. Come home we live in our Chalala homes without aircondition and without a mortgage. Come home where we only have debit cards and no credit cards. Come home where we can all rebuild our lives, communities and economies.

God bless and thank you.

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