The Gantt Report: The White House Cat House The White House Cat House


By Lucius Gantt

     When some men want to lie and cheat they go to a Cat House. A Cat House is a good place get freaky, grind and tap some behinds!

     Historically, international Cat Houses have been the destination of choice for ballers, crawlers, pick pockets, peddlers and passport carrying panhandlers.

     Cats that live and work in international Cat Houses wear the finest erotic cat suits and lingerie, or undergarments for females and males.

     Some people in America believe The White House has become the biggest Cat House in the world!

     The political whores in The White House don’t wear lingerie, they wear dark colored three piece suits, with or without the usual vest, accented by red or blue neck ties.

     If you think you got a first class sexing at the international Cat House, that screwing can’t even compare to the way citizens of the United States are being banged at The White House Cat House!

     Residents and workers at the house at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue intend to screw you out of your health care coverage, screw you out of your health care benefits, screw you out of your voting rights, screw you out of your education benefits, screw you out of your social security benefits, screw you out of your disability, screw women out of their rights to make child birth decisions, screw American allies out of long time defense agreements, screw Hispanics out of immigration rights, screw labor unions out of long time labor agreements and screw African Americans out of equal rights and justice!

    Yes, the biggest liars and the biggest cheaters are finding their way to The White House Cat House.

   The prices are appropriate and fair at the ordinary Cat House but it costs much more to get that thing you want at The White House Cat House.

    How about a million dollar campaign contribution, a multi-million dollar real estate transaction or a billion dollar bank loan from a foreign bank that may or may not be under United States economic sanctions.

Hmmm! Don’t forget you might also get business regulators to back that thing up, polluters to ignore climate change or the military industrial complex to make more bombs, build more planes and predators and christen bigger and better warships if you pay the boss to get your costs! (Yeah I wrote it right)

   It’s not such a good idea to have your children making decisions at the international Cat House or The White House Cat House.

    Inexperience at a Cat House is bad for the business. When you spend your money at a Cat House you want to be serviced by someone that knows what they are doing. You want someone to please you with sweets, not tease you with tweets!

    If you don’t like what happens in the Cat House you have to clean out the litter box!

     At the White House Cat House you have to fire or impeach the political pimp, the madam and the person that is the Screwer in Chief!  (Buy Gantt’s latest book, “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing” and from bookstores everywhere. Contact Lucius at And, if you want to,“Like” The Gantt Report page on Facebook.)


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