‘So brave, so much integrity’: celebrities congratulate Rebel Wilson

Oh the righteous celebrity!

The bonhomie wrapped around Rebel Wilson when she emerged victorious in her legal battle with those naughty women’s magazines has been truly something to behold.

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‘I had to stand up to a bully’: Wilson wins in court

Rebel Wilson wins her defamation case against Bauer media. Wilson says the media company maliciously took her down in a series of ‘grubby and completely false articles.’

Part-time poet and full-time Hollywood star Russell Crowe hit Twitter to tell his 37-year-old pal: “So brave, so much integrity … now ‘f–k off’ back to Hollywood and be your brilliant self. Proud of you.”

It was the sort of endorsement that would melt any celebrity’s heart. Crowe is a man well-versed in the black arts of gossip magazines, having had every detail of his life, from his romance to his marital woes and hotel lobby temper tantrums, documented for the past couple of decades.

And to be fair, out of all the stars who jumped on the social media bandwagon to publicly declare their support and congratulate Wilson, Crowe’s message arguably carried the most gravitas.

Crowe has not been the sort of celebrity to offer up morsels of his private life in return for a fat cheque from a glossy mag.

However, we can only wonder where his career would be if it wasn’t for magazines like Woman’s Day documenting his life in such detail, and helping to cement his star status.

Crowe’s tweet outshone the likes of Shane Warne, who tweeted to Wilson and his 3 million followers: “Woman’s Day has been a disgraceful magazine for a long time, hopefully this makes them report facts & stops the rubbish.”

Presumably that same magazine wasn’t such a “disgrace” back in 2012 when it handed over a rumoured $150,000 payment to Warne and his then fiancee Elizabeth Hurley when the former couple did their first magazine shoot and interview with Woman’s Day and British magazine Hello!

Of course, Warne and Woman’s Day have a long history, and not all of it happy or quite so profitable.

Warne’s ex-wife Simone Callahan has featured prominently several times in the magazine over the years in return for hefty payment.

Lleyton Hewitt was also quick to express his congratulations to Wilson, who told the Victorian Supreme Court she found herself out of work in Hollywood and out of pocket – to the tune of about $6 million – thanks to a series of defamatory articles published in Woman’s Day back in 2015.

Hewitt wrote on Twitter: “Congrats @RebelWilson,” complete with an applause emoji. “They have to be held accountable. Justice is done!”

And it cannot be forgotten that both Hewitt and his wife, the former television starlet known as Bec Cartwright, were hotter than hot about a decade ago when it came to women’s magazines.

When their romance turned into an engagement and ultimately a lavish wedding, it generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in exclusive media deals for the couple from both Woman’s Day and its arch-rival, New Idea.

They also sold exclusive media access to the births of their children, though PS understands their most recent baby news didn’t fare quite so well in terms of dollar value.

For decades, celebrity agents and managers have been working the phones with the people who put magazines like Woman’s Day together, wrangling deals and exclusive access for some of the most personal and normally private moments of an individual’s life, in return for a cheque with lots of zeroes on it.

Those righteous celebrities so quick to applaud Wilson don’t seem quite so righteous when they’re only prepared to talk in return for dollars.

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