Miss Sis Magazine Is A New Music And Lifestyle Magazine To Empower African American Women

Miss Sis Magazine Is A New Music And Lifestyle Magazine To Empower African American Women

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MCDONOUGH, GA –When Dr. Alicia Cain was an 18-year-old African-American woman growing up in Harlem and Bedford – Stuyvesant, New York – she often found it frustrating that she could never find magazines or even mainstream media that catered to her demographic. She longed for a more positive portrayal of her community, and that desire eventually drove her to become a member of the Black Panther Party. It was during her time with the Black Panthers that she was introduced to the world of medicine and was inspired to pursue a career as a physician. She’s been serving as a medical doctor for many years in underserved communities, and has raised a daughter who has gone on to have her own daughter. And as both a mother and a grandmother, she has found in recent years that there are still too few pop culture outlets for young African-American girls and women. So she decided to do something about it by starting Miss Sis magazine.

Created in 2014, Miss Sis magazine is a monthly fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazine with the mission to empower, affirm and inspire college-age African-American women. It features some of the most talented and up-and-coming artists, photographers, designers, models and writers –while keeping up with the latest trends in fitness, health, fashion and finance.

“Young ladies see a lot of negative images on TV,” Dr. Cain said. “I wanted to create positive images and give these young ladies the tools to make good decisions. I wanted to also create a platform for artists that might not be published otherwise.”

The magazine is hip, fun, entertaining and informative.


“I’m very passionate about the magazine,” she said. “I didn’t have this opportunity to see any images of this caliber that spoke directly to me when I was a teenager. These girls need to have something positive in their lives. I see so much ‘ratchetness’ in the current media, and this magazine is a much-needed positive alternative.

The magazine is currently available in print and digitally. Those interested can visit Miss-Sister.com.

For more information about Miss Sis magazine or other products Dr. Cain is working on, please visit the following links:
Twitter: @Miss1Sis
Instagram: @miss.sismagazine/
Facebook: Miss.sismagazine.today

Email Address:miss.sismagazine.today@gmail.com
Phone: 770-898-0042
Address: 1305 Pennsylvania Ave. McDonough, GA 30253

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