Neighbors shocked to hear man with ties to terrorism resided near by

Kunia resident Arnold Madela was disturbed when he found out a terror suspect lived around the corner from him.

“I let my kids go out and walk about. They just go out on their own. I can’t describe it. I can’t imagine something like this happening in Hawaii,” Madela said.

Since May 2016, 34-year-old Ikaika Kang lived in Kulana Knolls, a gated townhouse complex in Kunia. A neighbor told Island News, Kang kept to himself and was hardly home.
His second floor unit was still sealed with evidence tape. The FBI is still conducting an investigation.

Investigators said the U.S. Army soldier had two registered firearms inside his home and classified documents he planned to share with ISIS.

Many fear gruesome tragedies linked to ISIS could’ve played out in Hawaii if Kang wasn’t caught.

“I’m glad they found him. I’m glad nothing happened. I’m glad nothing happened to anybody but you know, I guess you just got to keep your guard up,” said Ewa resident Ken Crawford.  

According to court documents, Kang researched ‘YouTube for the most effective and painful ways people had been tortured’ and also expressed to an FBI undercover agent that he wanted ‘to kill a bunch of people with his rifle.’   

News of the Hawaii native’s arrest has some reassessing just how safe the Aloha state is

“The ripple effect is reaching here already. It’s going to get worse I feel. There must be more of them you know…he can’t be working alone,” said Aliamanu resident Samuel.

Kang remains in Federal custody. His detention hearing is set for Thursday at Federal Court. 

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