Trump Affairs are a Demonstration of White Male Privilege

Joe C. Hopkins, Journal Publisher

Sometimes Black Americans are accused of making false statements of discrimination. However, in the world of Donald Trump, there seems to be a world of truth in the demonstration of discrimination. We should start with the Trump administration working with the former Kansas Secretary of State trying to gather the names, addresses, Social Security numbers and other identifying information of every American voter.

On its face, this action speaks of voter suppression even though it is being promoted as trying to ferret out voter fraud. The facts are that there is almost NO voter fraud in this country. The fact is that if this action is passed they will forward the rules that were designed to promote voter suppression, and Black folks in Southern states primarily will be negatively impacted.

In the June 25, 2017, New York Times, on page 10, the paper printed and published a page entitled, “Trump’s Lies”. It is a full broadsheet page of lies Donald Trump has told. The page starts with Trump saying, “I didn’t want to go to Iraq.” He then goes on to say that he holds the record for being on the cover of Time magazine. In fact, he was on the cover only 11 times. Richard Nixon was on it 55 times. Others were on the cover more than 11 times. On January 23, 2017 he claimed that between 3 million and 5 million people voted illegally causing him to lose the popular vote. The crowd was massive. There was no evidence for either Trump allegation.

The Times points out that the political rise of Donald Trump was built on a lie, starting with the birthplace of President Barack Obama in Kenya, East Africa, rather than the American state of Hawaii.

Undermining the legitimacy of Donald Trump’s election, his election as President of the U.S. seems to be the motivating force behind the peculiar actions of the Trump Presidency. This guy is the biggest liar we have ever had in the Presidency.

Black America has had to live with lies from the halls of American Power. Emmit Till, Martin Luther King, Mississippi NAACP President Medgar Evers, and thousands more have lived and died for far less than what Trump has done, for instance Thomas Jefferson and his Black maid, Sally Hemming, and their mulatto children.

The truth is that history has caught up with White male privilege. Cities like Flint, Michigan and men like Donald Trump whose source of legitimate wealth is questionable. The plan to set up a joint security program with Russia was heart stopping to experts. And yet Donald Trump thought it was brilliant. It was so stupid it died in 12 hours.

The other stupid moves are happening so fast that you can’t keep up. His son admits to meeting with Russian lawyers to discover weaknesses in the Clinton plan while she was running against Donald Trump. His plan to support a health care plan that would kick nearly 22 million Americans off of Medicaid because “he promised” to get rid of Obamacare.

Words like treason, impeachment and replacing him with the Vice President under the 25th Amendment of the Constitution are being uttered. The 25 Amendment says, in effect, that if the President is found to be incapable to perform as President the Vice President should replace him…till he gets better.

In my opinion Trump should be replaced by anyone who is sane and not in the office to make more money for his family and I think, like Trump that is what he’s there for. What if he and or his people could just get hold of the Oil in Iraq, Syria, or anywhere in the world? I agree with Senator Rubio from Florida when he said Donald Trump is a con man. The Australian leader, following the G 20 Summit said, “Trump had neither the desire nor capacity to lead the world.” I agree with that too!


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