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One of the most outrageous, offensive and laugh-out-loud comedies ever made.”

— The Film Corner

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, July 14, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — Yes you heard that right! You can find out when the VOD is released on July 14th across Canada

IndustryWorks Studios is releasing the most talked-about (or will be), controversial (definitely), laugh-out-loud (because you can’t help it) movie to come out of Canada since ‘Fubar’.

The mockumentary-style comedy “Shooting the Musical” made its first appearance to audiences at the Whistler Film festival, with rave reviews and a large following of fans that responded to the daring thematic and raw humor so rare in independent films coming out of North America, in this case, for obvious reasons.

Director Joel Ashton McCarthy, best known for his award-winning documentary Taking My Parents To Burning Man made “Shooting The Musical” with the aid of over 100 of his film school students and friends. A labor of love and a risky subject matter that may just put this indie film director on the road to success.

The premise is simple, recent film school grads resurrect a script written by their talented, fallen friend Max (Lee Shorten) as an homage to him and his adoring fans. But when the un-talented, crude, rude and completely self-absorbed Adam (Bruce Novakowski) decides to leverage the suicide of his friend for his own opportunity he re-writes the script to become a musical about a high school shooting.

The result is a comedic critic of some of societies values and its result on youth mentality. It will make you laugh out loud but it will also make you think.

Audiences loved it, proven by festival win after festival win and the recent accolade from the Toronto Film Review chosen on the awesome list of “100 best Canadian Films” by Paul Williams. VOD release and download-to-own this bad boy for life.

IndustryWorks will also be releasing the movie across Canada on VOD (iTunes and Vimeo) on July 14th, 2017 (pre-buy it on July 1st, 2017).

“It is not only crude, shocking and offensive, but it is utterly and completely hilarious.” – vancitybuzz

“it’s rare that we see a project this ballsy and ambitious coming out of homegrown independent cinema” – onemovieourviews

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