Former New Yorker Shares Personal Story of Gambling Bottoms in the Release of “Vegas Nerves (Double Double Trouble)”

A New Kind of Courage

Using the Pen Name, “Rocky Bottoms”, Problem Gambling Hits a New Low in this First in a Series Memoir Describing the Battles Addicts with Mental Illness Face.

Not Everything Can Be Googled But Good Luck Trying!”

— Rocky Bottoms

SAN DIEGO, CA, UNITED STATES, July 17, 2017 / — Rocky Bottoms, a garden variety alcoholic/addict with bipolar disorder and pathological gambling disorder, has released “Vegas Nerves”, written in memoir format, which will recollect the trials and tribulations of his compulsive gambling history including the story of how he robbed a bank!

Recollections of actual events will be told. The “Rocky Bottoms” series covers the seemingly never ending and ever widening bottoms experienced by an average Irish Catholic kid from the Bronx and how he struggled for decades with some of life’s most common (and not so common) illnesses while simultaneously leading a double life of moderate success – to outward appearance. As a bright, young, athletic, good looking kid, Rocky pushed and pushed himself past the demoralization of addiction, to the ranks of being tops in the field of corporate IT consulting. Despite a full expectation of realizing the American dreams, they remained forever out of reach. The only dream manifested turned out to be the consequences of the high, the escape, and the action. This dream came true, and the carnage left behind was at the least a broken family, destroyed relationships, unemployment, homelessness, heart failure, a credit nightmare and little hope.

Available now on Amazon in Kindle eBook and paperback, Barnes & Noble in Nook eBook and hardcover, Smashwords and Apple iTunes iBook.

The second and third books will tell the stories of other bottoms experienced through other addictions and mental illness.

The second series will present 3 books about the endless series of recovery attempts through various 12-step attempts, behavioral and rehab facilties and the always popular gated communities of state including jails and institutions.

Finally, the third series will present the always challenging realm of spiritual challenges from early life religion straight through to the discovery of the recognition of my true nature current day. The spiritual series will be a gateway to a spiritual recovery based ecosystem that caters to the dual diagnosed and veteran friendly.

From these book series, the Rocky Bottoms Foundation will be built, fufilling a life-long dream of providing help and hope to those who suffer. RockyBottoms.Vegas

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