Leadership Expert Dr. Salar Khan to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

Natural-born leaders possess a unique ability to deal with stressful situations confidently.”

— Dr. Salar Khan

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, July 28, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — There exists today a widespread lack of confidence in leadership. Research indicates that a startling number of organizations are currently managed by people who lack leadership competence.

Dr. Salar Khan believes the vision of self-confident natural-born leaders is necessary for the betterment of the world. Dr. Khan is the author of Unlocking the Natural-Born Leader’s Abilities: An Autobiographical Expose. Based on his observation and experiences over the last 50 years, Dr. Khan defines the natural-born leader through an autobiographical lens, offering current and aspiring leaders insights on effective leadership.

“I went through many hardships and challenges in my life,” says Dr. Khan. “This is a story of my experiences. “Throughout my career, I found myself working under time-sensitive, high-risk, and high-pressure situations, which allowed me to uncover and develop my NBL qualities. There were many lessons that I learned that have allowed me to become successful. It is my hope that perhaps some of the things I have learned can be useful to the reader.”

According to Dr. Khan, everyone possesses the essential qualities and abilities of a natural born leader; it’s simply a matter of bringing your hidden talents and skillsets to the surface. Dr. Khan’s book identifies the qualities and abilities of a natural-born leader so they can be refined and perfected through education, training, and experience.

“Natural-born leaders possess a unique ability to deal with stressful situations confidently,” says Dr. Khan. “They are creative, knowledgeable and self-directed and often establish norms. And they are charismatic: the ability to inspire and motivate others to accomplish their goals with positive outcomes.”

Many leaders choose to follow instead to lead due to fear of failure and unable to take risks, play safe, keep quiet when thing get worse. These Leaders do not have trust on their own abilities. When leaders become followers, they make excuses and blame others for poor performance.

Dr. Khan’s book can help leaders gain more confidence while performing a leadership role in any organization or institution. The book includes a self-assessment tool to evaluate your NBL abilities and identify where you ultimately fall on the spectrum. Dr. Khan’s book also included the natural born leader abilities traits development in three phases: Phase I: Infant to Childhood ages (1-11); Phase II: Adolescence to Midlife 50s; Phase III: Mature Adulthood Ages 50 Onward.

“We have made a lot of progress in this world but we need more peace and success in this world,” says Dr. Khan. “That begins with leadership and it’s the natural-born leaders who will lead us there.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Dr. Salar Khan in an interview with Jim Masters on August 1st at 11am EDT.

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