Good Day Tulsa Showcases Elizabeth Sanders of HorseOPeace

LIGHTS, CAMERA, SOAP-MAKING ACTION – Elizabeth Sanders of HorseOPeace with Good Day Tulsa host Keith Taylor showed how to make goat milk soap. She was featured in New York Times article about natural soap trend.

On ABC Elizabeth shows how to make goat milk soap, discusses natural soap trend & offers 25% discount

If you think soap has to be expensive with ingredients you can’t pronounce, you haven’t met Elizabeth Sanders. She makes natural, very affordable HorseOPeace soap that’s making a lot of folks happy.”

— Keith Taylor of ABC’s Good Day Tulsa

TULSA, OK, ,, July 29, 2017 / — ABC’s Good Day Tulsa showcased Elizabeth Sanders, founder of HorseOPeace goat milk soap who talked about the trend to natural soap, showed how-to make soap and offered a 25% price cut to viewers using coupon code ABC17 at for them to try her soaps without any chemicals in most store brands.

Hit ABC KTUL-TV talk show star Keith Taylor told Oklahomans, “If you think soap has to be expensive and filled with ingredients you can’t even pronounce, you haven’t met Elizabeth Sanders of HorseOPeace. She makes all natural, very affordable HorseOPeace soap that’s making a lot of folks happy.”

Elizabeth said, “At HorseOPeace we use 100% raw goat milk, without any water. If your soap is made with water, as most are, it will dry your skin and won’t have the moisturizing quality found in nutrient-rich raw goat milk, which makes us different from other soap companies. soap keeps all skin types healthy, supple and soft.”

She added, “The question we are most asked is if HorseOPeace soap is natural and has full disclosure of ingredients, and we assure people that our goat milk soap is all natural and our ingredients are listed on the back of every label.”

Keith and Elizabeth discussed the benchmark New York Times article about the trend to natural soap as the Times noted, “HorseOPeace sells 17 kinds of raw goats’ milk soap bars, scented and unscented. An average order is six to eight bars, though some customers buy as many as 30 decidedly unpretentious bars a year.” In reporting Elizabeth’s adherence to using totally natural ingredients, she told the Times “HorseOPeace soaps are all naturally beige. We’re not trying to beautify with dyes and make it look unnatural.”

She told Keith, “HorseOPeace natural goat milk soaps benefit all skin types and are especially good for dry skin, eczema or psoriasis. We also recently launched our Healthy Pets line of specially formulated shampoo bars since skin issues are a major reason people bring their pets to the vet.”

During a media week set by, Elizabeth appeared on leading CBS, NBC, ABC, KJAG and FOX news and talk shows in six cities.

Elizabeth founded HorseOPeace a decade ago when living an Amish-like life, training horses during frigid Wisconsin winters that dried and cracked her hands until they healed when she began making goat milk soap. She realized the potential to help others and the business opportunity and formed Since then, she left that “plain people” lifestyle, married IT-executive Nick, and they homeschool their four sons, aged two to six.

Based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, has customers across the USA and internationally. Elizabeth Sanders’ goat milk soaps are available at, and Amazon. HorseOPeace customers often join her Soap of the Month Club and enjoy family and business updates at, and Media contact: Brian Dobson,

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Elizabeth Sanders of on ABC’s Good Day Tulsa

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