Beyond My Crisis with Ron & Vivian Airs New Show On How to Fight Child Protective Services

How to Fight Child Protective Services

PRINCETON, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, August 11, 2017 / — Did you know Child Protective Services is dangerous and has more power over your life than the police if you are a parent? Nationally, two children die each day in foster care. Many of these children were taken from their parents unlawfully and without need; parents are often left spending their savings, going deep into debt and depression as well as having their lives spiral toward losing their jobs and often their homes during a long fight against Child Protective Services to regain custody. Our guest, Vince Davis, a federally admitted Trial Attorney has devoted his practice to fighting Child Protective Services to re-unite families.

“Almost all of my clients have come to me because their children suffered abuse and frequently, sexual abuse while in foster care,” says, Vince Davis. Therefore, a large part of his practice is also suing Child Protective Services on behalf of the child victims in order to be able to pay for the long term psychological care which is commonly, and sadly, needed. Every parent and guardian must watch this episode to know the proper way in which to respond if Child Protective Services suddenly knocks on your door.

Beyond My Crisis with Ron & Vivian” brings real people and experts together to help our audience learn the most effective actions to resolve a variety of crises. Engaging and authentic conversations are facilitated by co-hosts, Ron Rossnick & Vivian Gaspar who interview guest experts from around the U.S. and the world. Award nominees, Ron & Vivian make serious and heart-felt conversations palatable while educating viewers on solutions to living and loving life after tackling a crisis.

Beyond My Crisis With Ron and Vivian will air Mondays @ 6:30pm & Wednesdays @ 9am available from Verizon FiOS, Comcast Xfinity and

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