CBS Focus Atlanta, HorseOPeace’s Sanders Talk Soap Trend

Elizabeth Sanders of, left, and Keisha Lancelin, Host of CBS CW Focus Atlanta Show, discussed trend to natural soap.

Skincare expert Elizabeth Sanders showed how to make goat milk soap on CBS Atlanta

People want to be informed and appreciate that HorseOPeace soaps are made with 100% nutrient-rich raw goat milk, without any skin-drying water used in store brands and other goat milk soaps.”

— Elizabeth Sanders of

ATLANTA, GA, August 10, 2017 / — Elizabeth Sanders, founder of goat milk soap, told CBS CW TV’s Focus Atlanta, “There is a natural soap trend sweeping America as people become more informed about chemical-laden store-bought brands that are actually detergents, and they are turning to more healthy choices.”

Speaking with host Keisha Lancelin, Elizabeth said, “Many HorseOPeace customers have sensitive skin, but our soaps are also good for all skin types from babies and children to adults and mature skin. HorseOPeace soap pampers and nurtures skin and we are especially pleased when customers tell us our soap helped with their dry, sensitive skin or conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.”

She added, “People want to be informed and appreciate that we clearly list our natural ingredients on our labels and that our HorseOPeace natural soaps are made with 100% nutrient-rich raw goat milk, without even a drop of skin-drying water used by makers of store brands and even other goat milk soap makers.”

Elizabeth added, “It matters to people what they put on their skin. HorseOPeace soaps keep skin healthy and we were pleased when beauty and fashion blog reviewed our soaps being superior to other brands at prices it called shockingly affordable.”

Teaming with Keisha, Elizabeth demonstrated how to make natural Oatmeal ‘n Honey goat milk soap, which is the top selling of all HorseOPeace soaps. Keisha remarked that in Georgia dry skin can be a really big problem for people and Elizabeth noted that HorseOPeace soap made with raw goat milk, without any water, can keep skin moist and supple.

They discussed that The New York Times quoted Elizabeth in its coverage of the trend noting that due to her absolute commitment to natural ingredients she will not use any chemicals or color dyes so prevalent in most popular brands and other goat milk soaps.

Keisha told her Focus Atlanta viewers, watching on CBS CW-69, “Not only does Elizabeth have products for your skin, but she has Healthy Pets goat milk soap shampoo for your pets; how sweet is that.” Pet Age Magazine said Healthy Pets scented and unscented shampoos repel fleas and pests and keep pet skin healthy.

Demonstrating how to make soap at home, Elizabeth teamed with Keisha to prepare Oatmeal ‘n Honey goat milk soap just as she did when starting HorseOPeace a decade ago. They mixed raw goat milk with warmed readily available natural oils, added scoops of oatmeal and some honey to set in a plastic container for 48 hours until cutting and put on shelve to cure for 6 weeks as each bar will then give 4 to 6 weeks of daily use.

Elizabeth’s Focus Atlanta interview with Keisha is online at During a media week set by, she was interviewed on top CBS, NBC, ABC, KJAG and FOX news and talk shows in Atlanta, Kansas City, Little Rock, Oklahoma City, Tulsa and Wichita-Hutchinson.

Based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, has grown in the decade since Elizabeth founded the company; and so did her family as she married IT-executive Nick and homeschools their four sons, aged two to six. With customers around the USA and world, her goat milk soaps and other products are available at, and Amazon. She updates customers with a monthly newsletter and her blog at and offers discounts at the HorseOPeace Soap of the Month Club. She’s active on and Media contact: Brian Dobson,

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