Forgery Alert – If it is an Indian Lapis; it isn’t worth your Money


All that’s Blue isn’t Lapis – Beware of the fake Lapis stones from Indian market!

MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO, CANADA, August 13, 2017 / — Mississauga, Canada, August 14, 2017 – Locolapis, one of the biggest online Lapis store, in reaction to incessant pervasiveness of forged stones being sold as lapis; advises customers to be cautious of buying Lapis from India.
Lapis is a highly valued semi-precious stone that had been mined primarily from Afghanistan and also some parts of Pakistan, Chile, Russia, USA and Canada. It is one of the oldest stones that have been used for ornamental, healing and sacred purposes.

“Lapis is a special stone and certainly very close to our hearts”, said Mr. Andy Rams and Founder of Locolapis. “It is quite disturbing to see such a massive influx of forged and synthetic lapis stones in industry; which isn’t just destroying the customers’ trust but actually hurting authentic dealers and miners”.

Lapis lazuli had remained a mystical stone throughout human civilization. It was the first stone that was used by humans for its metaphysical, spiritual and physical healing properties. It has been used excessively during the renaissance era to portray robes of Virgin Mary; that reflects its deep association with religion.

It is interesting to note that the finest quality of Lapis had been excavated from inaccessible regions of Afghanistan for over 7000 years. Even today, it is these highly rugged and inaccessible mountains in Afghanistan that produce the premium grade lapis in the world.

“Like with all other precious and semi-precious stone, there is a large black market for Lapis stone. However, recent surge in synthetic and forged lapis stones from India is certainly unprecedented and we want to alert our customers’ of it”, said Mr. Andy, CEO Locolapis.

Team Locolapis has been on the forefront against the forged lapis market since it was first launched back in May 2017. The company has put in place comprehensive almanac on its online store; as an effort to educate customers’ about how to spot a fake lapis.

Mr. Andy, CEO, Locolapis said, “It is a continuous effort to build awareness among customers’ and there’s a long way to go. We have just started our journey and have already made an impact in industry. However, there’s a lot more that needed to be done to counter this systematic forgery market that is being operated not just from India but from elsewhere also”.

The Lapis lazuli guide can help customers’ build more confidence while buying lapis anywhere in the world. There is a comprehensive testing guide available over that can facilitate gemstone collectors; test the authenticity of stone beforehand.

About Locolapis:
Locolapis is one of its kind store that had invested massive time, capital and energies to bring the most exquisite and enchanting lapis stones from the most heart of its mining area – Afghanistan. The company is offering a large variety of genuine lapis jewelry that comes with authenticity certificates. You can view the entire collection available with Locolapis on

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