Over 35 Cannabis Industry Leaders Endorse NY Prop 1 to Legalize Marijuana Nov 7

Diverse Group of Cannabis Industry Leaders Endorse Back-of-Ballot Call for Convention to Legalize Adult Use Marijuana in NY.

Regulated cannabis protects kids from under-age access & adult consumers from contaminated products, provides cannabis workers with union protections & remediates social injustice of the war on drugs””

— Jerome W. Dewald, RRNY Executive Director.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, September 6, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — Restrict & Regulate in NY State 2019 (RRNY), a NY Ballot Issue Committee registered with the NYS Board of Elections, today announced that over 35 cannabis industry business and advocacy groups and celebrities have endorsed NY Prop 1, the back-of-the-ballot call for a convention, this November 7 and RRNY’s efforts to get it passed. Eight of these endorsers issued formal statements of support that are shown on the RRNY web site www.Cannabis4NY.org.

New Yorkers can end prohibition by a vote of the people in 2019 if they say Yes to Prop 1 this November 7. The legislature in New York is hopelessly deadlocked on marijuana reform and the governor opposes it. Proposition 1 appears on the ballot once every twenty years, giving the people a right to put constitutional amendments on the ballot in 2019.

“New York has fallen behind the rest of the country on adult-use cannabis, medical marijuana and industrial hemp because we have no voter-initiated ballot measure process in New York. California and Nevada are now leading the way, while New York watches its neighbors in Massachusetts and Maine implement regulated programs that protect their children from under-age access, protect their adult consumers from contaminated products, provide their cannabis workers with union protections and remediate social injustices of the war on drugs,” said Jerome W. Dewald, the group’s Executive Director. “Proposition 1 gives New York a once-in-a-generation chance for the people to take the lead when the legislature refuses to do so. We think this is the only realistic chance for New York to regain a leadership role in cannabis legislation by 2019.”

Yes on Prop 1 is supported by many media, civic and industry groups, prominent activists and politicians. A wide variety of prominent NY civic groups, including the New York Daily News, The Buffalo News and the NY State Bar Association support Prop 1 as the only viable means to reform the government in NY. Prominent politicians active in the fight to end cannabis prohibition in NY support Prop 1 as a viable means to reform its marijuana laws.

The industry group includes three publicly-traded companies, several media outlets and The Realm of Caring Foundation, a nonprofit organization, set up by the Stanley brothers, developers of Charlotte’s web, to help medical marijuana patients who can’t afford the treatment. Charlotte’s Web is a non-psychoactive strain of marijuana effective in treating epileptic seizures brought on by Dravet syndrome.

Publicly-traded endorsers include Kush Bottles (KSHB), Lexaria BioScience (LXRP) and Mentor Capital (MNTR). Media companies on the endorsement list include Marijuana Media, CannaInvestor Magazine, Marijuana Agenda and CFN Media. Former NY Jets defensive end and Superbowl champ, Marv Washington, also endorsed the effort.

Kush Bottles issued the following statement: “Kush Bottles fully supports Restrict and Regulate in NY State 2019 and the efforts to legalize cannabis in the great state of New York. We believe that sensible regulation is the only way to reduce criminal activity and to keep cannabis away from children. Studies are showing that people want the freedom to use cannabis, and now New York has a clear path to making that a reality.”

Marijuana Media issued this statement: “We endorse Cannabis4NY’s efforts to spearhead changes in NY State’s marijuana industry. The state’s current laws and industry is dysfunctional, and fails to address a simple fact: there are billions in annual sales of marijuana in NYC alone, with suppliers selling untested and unsafe products. The state, its patients, and all its citizens, will benefit from a legal and properly-regulated industry. The time to create meaningful change is NOW.”

Prop 1 appears on the back of the ballot in NY. All ballot measures in New York this November 7, including Prop 1, appear on the back of the ballot. RRNY urges every New Yorker, who is in favor of wide access to medical marijuana, a regulated system of adult use cannabis, and hemp as a commodity product, to register to vote before October 13, go to the polls November 7, turn the ballot over and vote Yes on Prop 1.

Jerome W. Dewald
Restrict & Regulate in NY State 2019
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An Interview with Jerome W. Dewald

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