We’ve launched Premium+ for trusted customers

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, September 30, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — Today we’re excited to announce the release of Premium+, a package designed to reward our most active & trusted customers. We know that for many of our event organisers your event schedules can fluctuate over the year, and sometimes our plans don’t necessarily accommodate for those changes. Premium+ is designed to give you pay-as-you-go flexibility on the top of your original package, meaning you don’t need to purchase again each time or speak to one of our team.

How Is It Set Up?
Once set up on an initial package your account manager can activate Premium+ on your account
At the end of your initial package, your cost-per-event rate is frozen, meaning you can submit at the same agreed rate and have them published automatically.
Your billing is then aggregated on to a simple weekly or monthly receipt, based on your payment terms.
If you’d like to activate our simpler Premium+ for your account, or if you’d like to speak with your account manager just get in touch with us at +44 207 323 0450, or at support@evvnt.com!

Log in today and submit an event – https://app.evvnt.com/login

(We’ve also updated our t&c’s to reflect this new extended ability of your packages – http://blog.evvnt.com/legal)

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