Beef Jerky website launches – Rucksnacks serving the UK, Ireland and EU markets.

Best Beef Jerky - Rucksnacks

Best Beef Jerky – Rucksnacks

Offering premium Irish Beef Jerky with a simple overall aim which is to offer the best beef jerky with only natural ingredients to all.

it’s ProfileTree’s pleasure to write about their exciting new flavours and their dedication to being a premier locally made healthy alternative to snacking. ”

— Ciaran Connolly

MONAGHAN, DUBLIN, IRELAND, December 8, 2017 / — There’s always a neat story behind all the foods in our happy little universe. Every dish and snack is a constantly evolving part of a long lineage of delicious and (hopefully) nutritious pieces of tasty history. If you take the time to learn about your favourite foods, you’d be amazed at the stories and events surrounding them, and the people whose passion for the culinary experience drove them to add their own touches to each and every type of food out there, creating variations, styles and combinations that make each eating experience that much more special.
And on the topic of historical foods, you have the tried and true innovation that is beef jerky. A piece of culinary history going back all the way to ancient Egypt and the indigenous tribes of south America as well as Africa, beef jerky has been a crucial part of many an explorer’s hardy diet. With lean slabs of meat cut, treated, spiced and dried to preserve the delicious snack for as long as possible, this adventurer’s food has been the treat of choice for humble parent and hardcore athlete alike.

Colm and Co’s Journey to Jerky
It’s no surprise that passionate and driven folk around the world in our time have made their own marks on beef jerky history for the sake of perfecting their favourite storied snack. Colm Connolly; An experienced beef farmer from a fifth generation farming family whose expertise with breeding beef cattle pretty much speaks for itself. Hailing from the lush and beautiful green rural county Monaghan, Colm and his girlfriend decided to shake their jobs loose and go on a grand adventure, backpacking for seven months through North and South America, New Zealand, Australia, Asia and the Middle East on a quest to immerse themselves in the rich scenery, culture and culinary experiences on offer. After sampling enough of the local cuisine, they’d grown fond of the various delectable types of beef jerky available throughout the lands, but always thought that something was missing from the flavour, something they kept experiencing as they tasted more and more. On making their return to pretty Ireland in June of 2015, and seeing the stark lack of nutritious, healthy and convenient snacks around, they decided to embark on an even more rewarding quest; To merge all their travel and culinary experience with their long farming heritage to make their own range of healthy snacks, using nothing but the finest natural dried beef infused with their own special, subtle flavours. Eventually going on to start their line of quality beef jerky, Rucksnacks.

What is Rucksnacks?
Rucksnacks is 100% family owned premium Irish beef jerky. Straying away from artificial ingredients and lackluster flavouring agents, Rucksnacks brand beef jerky is the perfect treat to have anywhere, anytime. Stuck at the office and swamped with work? Why not crack open a pack of guilt free honey roasted Rucksnacks? Perhaps you’re a fitness buff and want to stay mindful of what goes in and out of your body. In that case, having a pack of cracked black pepper Rucksnacks is the ideal solution to your nutritional needs; with around 16.5 grams of protein per pack, 88.5 kcals of energy and only 0.6 grams of saturated fat, it’s the perfect snack to keep you energised and well fed throughout your workouts. Rucksnacks are also a hiker’s perfect companion, brave the mountains and rivers of beautiful Ireland with a couple packs of spicy curry Rucksnacks for a convenient and lean snacking experience on the go. You can guarantee your hunger will stay well at bay with a pack of Rucksnacks handy, and your body won’t complain much either; With only premium, grass fed Irish beef that’s rich in protein, a high vitamin and mineral index and entirely gluten free, it’s the healthiest alternative to conventional snacks you might be accustomed to.

Give Me the Goods
When you look at Colm’s story and his efforts to produce locally sourced and high quality beef jerky, it conveys the passion and positive energy he has vested in his product and his idea. A man who’s passionate about something is always destined to achieve something or another, and Colm is a prime example of this. Rucksnacks is available in five delicious flavours including Fiery Red Chilli, Honey Roast, Sweet Chilli, Spicy Curry and Original. With a shop on their website offering free shipping on orders over €35/£35.

Our Pleasure
We here at ProfileTree are happy to hear stories like those of Colm and Rucksnacks, and it’s ProfileTree’s pleasure to write about their exciting new flavours and their dedication to being a premier locally made healthy alternative to snacking.
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Ciaran Connolly
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