Gallery Night and Day

The King Drive Commons Gallery and Studio of African And African American Arts and Culture presents its’ Gallery Night  and Day themed…Mercy, Mercy Me. What About Our Ecology!, on Friday, July 20, 5:30 pm to 9 pm and Saturday, July 21, 12 noon to 2 pm  at the King Commons Gallery and Studio, 2775 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive

This gallery exhibit is inspired by a deep rooted concern regarding our ecology, our current drinking water situation and a recent news article about a baby whale who was found with an abundance of plastic bags throughout it’s intestinal tract.

The exhibit theme is MERY MERCY ME, WHAT ABOUT OUR ECOLOGY.   Greg Adams, a keyboard artist and videographer will perform and show his video titled, MERY MERCY ME, inspired in part by singer Marvin Gaye’s hit song from the 70’s… “What’s Going On”.

Various artists from the community who are consciously involved in this effort on rethinking how to utilize materials that might have otherwise been discarded will creatively show ways they’ve produce new lifecycles for these items to promote a safer ecology. Our ecology also applies to our relationships with one another, Ms. Edwards, the curator and producer of this show brought together participants during the community’s Juneteenth celebration to express their artistic creativity using various materials with the guidance of the Gallery’s art instructors.  “I was really delighted and surprised to see the talent of children and adults.  They too were impressed and very appreciative for the experience.  Which confirms my vison of why it’s important to have the King Drive Commons Gallery and Studio in our community.  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., paved roadways of opportunity for us and having the King Drive Commons Gallery and Studio here on this drive means a lot in helping to keep his work alive. “  The Gallery’s artists exhibiting in this show are Gina Jorgenson; banners and signs of social justice, Martina Patterson; fiber art and recycled materials, Alysha Wilson; multi-media and crafter artists Sandra Mitchell, Yawie Sun, and Marquita Edwards.  They will present a spellbinding exhibit with an array of banners for social justice, and recycled art pieces for ecology awareness. Also highlighted, will be spoken word poets from the Still Waters Collectiveand a live Rhythm and Blues band called MAUREE, who will take us back in time and bring us up to current with songs of the day.

The event is free, and open to the public. Refreshments and culinary delights are provided by Pas Da Peas Catering, This event is made possible in part of our major sponsors the Martin Luther King Economic Development Inc. and the Bader Philanthropies Inc.

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