‘We don’t trust you’ Oracle’s Larry Ellison tells customers, spruiks Gen 2 Cloud

Keeping up the tradition of the last few years, Larry Ellison’s opening keynote at Oracle’s annual OpenWorld conference was littered with catchy soundbites as well as barbed criticisms of rival cloud providers, in particular Amazon Web Services.

The latter got in the way somewhat of the Oracle co-founder and CTO’s actual announcement: the company’s second generation cloud, or Gen 2 Cloud for short.

The release has been many years in the making, Ellison said, and “required a fundamental re-architecture of our cloud”.

“The design goal of Oracle’s Gen 2 Cloud is one secure platform to run everything,” Ellison told the audience at the San Francisco event on Monday morning. “It’s easy to say, very hard to do, to build a secure cloud.”

The aim of the overhaul is to improve security by means of separating customer data in the cloud from Oracle’s cloud control computing.

The shared model of other providers, which up until now had been Oracle’s too, leaves them open to user code being able to access cloud control code: a significant vulnerability, Ellison claimed.

“That means you better trust your customers, you better trust all your customers. If you’re going to let your customers inject code, if you’re going to let customers share that computer – the computer you use to control the cloud – and those customers are smart, they can look at your cloud control code, they can change your cloud control code; they can move from one computer to the other, they can look at other customers’ data, they can schedule the other customers’ data [to be] exfiltrated out of the cloud some place else,” Ellison explained.

“No offence, we don’t trust you” he later joked.

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