David Horowitz to Newsmax TV: Left Seeks to ‘Exterminate’

While claiming “America is a society that has moved beyond racism,” author David Horowitz on Newsmax TV said it is also one where liberals fantasize about “exterminating” people who do not agree with them.

“This is a fantasy that liberals have of killing their opposition,” Horowitz told “Newsmax Now,” rejecting Universal Picture’s upcoming movie release “The Hunt,” which features a plot of slaughtering “deplorables” – Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign term for supporters of President Donald Trump.

“They have this fantasy of suppressing you and exterminating you.

“I mean, that’s the only way to look at this. How could they spend so much money, hire Hilary Swank, and make a movie like this if this wasn’t their fantasy.”

Horowitz – author of “Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America,” published by Humanix Books – says the movie should not be released.

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“It’s just going to incite violence,” Horowitz said, noting the movie was conceptualized and produced well before this weekend’s politically motivated mass murders and pointing the finger back at the left for their Trump-fueled hate.

“The Democratic Party, that’s the party of hate,” Horowitz told host John Bachman. “All they’ve done the last three years is spew hate at Trump.”

Horowitz also rejected the claims of racism on behalf of the president, saying “America is a society that has moved beyond racism” in a “miraculous social revolution” the past century-plus.

“Popular culture is dominated by black artists,” he added. “They’re the biggest selling artists. They’ve shape it and so forth.

“It’s a miraculous social revolution we’ve had.”

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