Letters From the January 27, 2020, Issue

Old Struggle, New Politics

Thanks for your timely issue on the new politics of abortion [December 16/23]. I thought especially important was Katha Pollitt’s piece on the criminalization of pregnant women [“Personhood Is Punishment”]. I would add only that the phony tears that “pro-life” terrorists shed for the unborn are belied by the fact that these are many of the same people who want to deny support to single mothers struggling to raise their kids—from replacing the Aid to Families with Dependent Children program to cutting food stamps, child care funding, and everything else needed to cope with raising a child, especially on low wages. I know it will sound crass, but the demand should be made that if you’re going to force someone to have a baby, then you are responsible for financially ensuring the baby has all it needs for full and healthy development. Actually, someone should sue for child support as a test case.
The only other thing I would add is that I am always shocked when the word “sex” is not uttered in modern discussions of abortion rights. The subconscious message of “pro-life” activists is that the enjoyment of sex is a sin, especially for the unmarried. Clearly sexual repression is a large part of the moral view of the right wing, and we can no longer ignore it.
Alan Weinerman
astoria, n.y.

It has taken some time for me to get over the rage I feel about anti-abortion arguments. Opposition to abortion is a religious issue, and I do not want anyone forcing his or her religion on me. The question of abortion must be decided only by the individual woman, not by a law that forces her to accept someone else’s religious views.
William Allin Storrer
traverse city, mich.

For Shame

The cover of your December 2/9 issue depicts a fat man with a pig’s face and the words “How Much Is Too Much?”

It is time to let go of such stale, Depression-era fat-cat images as stand-ins for greed and wealth when the current reality is that the vast majority of fat people in America are poor.

The consequences of promoting fat phobia are real. Every day fat people die or are misdiagnosed, or a diagnosis is delayed until they lose weight. The Nation leads the way in so many areas of progressive thought that it breaks my heart to see you stuck so far behind the times in this area.

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