Nationwide social media trend encourages people to go dark

FARGO — During times of protest across the country, some are encouraging others to go dark on social media for the day on Tuesday, June 2.

In a trend called “Blackout Tuesday,” millions of people nationwide, including some in the F-M metro, changed their profile pictures on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to a solid black square.

Record companies across the nation are also delaying releases of new songs that were scheduled for Tuesday.

Aaron Swinkels, who owns Vinyl and Game Giant in downtown Fargo, said the delays make people more aware of the bigger issue.

“The record industry drawing attention to that by delaying the releases helps people focus on that time of reflection,” he said.

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The music industry’s role in the trend symbolizes the struggle between black artists and major companies they’re signed to, which Swinkels said further drives the point home.

People participating in Tuesday’s trend were asked not to use hashtags related to Black Lives Matter, as activists said it might take away an important platform for that movement.

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