Jlin, Speaker Music feature on new charity compilation, Music In Support Of Black Mental Health

Out on Friday, the 28-track release was put together by Lara Rix-Martin and Mike Paradinas.

Lara Rix-Martin and Mike Paradinas have compiled a 28-track release for charity called Music In Support Of Black Mental Health.

Proceeds from the 28-track compilation, which lands this Friday via Bandcamp, will be split evenly between five Black causes: Nilaari and Black Thrive in the UK, and The Loveland Foundation, BEAM and National Queer & Trans Therapists Of Colour Network in the US.

There’s music from Speaker Music, Jlin, Jana Rush, Kuedo, Eomac, Rian Treanor, µ-Ziq, Zora Jones & Sinjin Hawke, Bogdan Raczynski, Beatrice Dillon, Sami Baha, Vladislav Delay and more. All the Black artists were paid for their work.

01. Speaker Music – On Bloodthirst And Jungle Fever feat. Ariel Valdez & Catalina Cavelight [Excerpt]
02. Rian Treanor – Before You Know It

03. Meemo Comma – 40 Hurts

04. John Frusciante – Lyng Shake

05. FaltyDL – Blueberry Moon

06. Vladislav Delay – isosusi

07. Ital Tek – Diamond Dust

08. Beatrice Dillon – SG1

09. Jlin – Return From LA II (feat. Michael Vincent Waller)

10. Zora Jones & Sinjin Hawke – So
11. Jana Rush – Divine (Original)

12. µ-Ziq – Hip House Breakcore

13. Kuedo – Silver

14. Eomac – Green Man

15. Gage – Tell Me Again And Again

16. Herva – By 0

17. Swan Meat – Sleepmoss Remix feat. Meemo Comma

18. Datach’i – Refraction

19. Felix Lee – Cold Steel

20. Bogdan Raczynski – Average Banger

21. Konx-om-Pax – Vision Quest

22. AGF – Sehnsuchtsräume

23. Sami Baha – Other Me

24. FARWARMTH – Onwards, Forever

25. Shell – Beams

26. Jas Shaw – Lion And Bees

27. Jtamul – BualloX1

28. Antwood – Cycle6

Music In Support Of Black Mental Health is out on July 3rd, 2020.

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