Ice Cube: Undoing White Privilege Means Reimagining What America Should Have Been from the Beginning

Ice Cube called the Declaration of Independence “The Thing,” said “Only when America admits the Founders’ lies can we begin to heal,” called for a “system of reparations,” but failed to note that the oppression of black people he detailed in his opinion piece published in The Hill came at the hands of Democratic Party members.

“Thomas Jefferson declared that ‘all men are created equal.’ You know the Thing.’ But Black Americans know the great lie that accompanied those words.”Ice Cube wrote. “After slavery was abolished, Black Americans were subjected to segregation, Jim Crow, lynching and mass incarceration,” wrote Ice Cube, failing to mention that Jim Crow Laws, lynching, and mass incarceration were products of the Democrats and anti-black leftists, as Breitbart News’ Jerome Hudson notes.

“We need White’s to look within and be honest about how they benefit from white privilege, and always will, unless our society reimagines what America should have looked like in the beginning and does the hard work of reform to get our country where it should be,” the xXx: Return of Xander Cage star said. “The exploitation, oppression and erosion of Black people and culture has gone on too long. This country needs a second Reconstruction to address systemic inequalities, rooted in a Contract with Black America that I and others are proposing.”

Ice Cube has been a fixture in Hollywood for more than 25 years, and his rap career dates back to the 80s with NWA. A television and movie star, Ice Cube has an estimated net worth of more than $100 million, he founded his own production company, Cube Vision, as well as the BIG3 basketball league.

In his op-ed, Ice Cube goes on to call out Democrats, who he says have benefitted from white privilege.

“Do we actually believe Biden and the Democrats will make real differences unless we make them commit to wholesale change? MLK himself doubted the political will of the White liberal. The objective is not handouts to assuage white guilt, nor do we want White’s equality diminished either,” the Friday and Ride Along star wrote.

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Last week, Ice Cube called for “reparations” from Hollywood studios, which is a part of his political plan, a “Contract with Black America.”

“Those black artists, those black directors and writers, and people who put the projects together should own the projects, and any studios they can license — the projects, the movies, or the TV shows or whatever — or they don’t have to,” Ice Cube said in an interview with The Breakfast Club. “We can put them on our own streaming services. I just think it’s a form of reparations from the entertainment industry if they all had to invest a certain amount of money into the studio each year as payment for all the damage they’ve done to black people.”

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