Victory Over Kidney Disease

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By Kevin L.A. Jenkins

In the arena of health, we as African Americans are at a higher risk for certain diseases and conditions such as high blood pressure, sickle cell anemia, diabetes, and certain types of cancer, to name a few. The road to health isn’t merely a physical process; it is also a mental, emotional, and spiritual process. Kevin L.A. Jenkins’ book Victory Over Kidney Disease is an inspiring story of his faith journey while living with this disease.

In 1997, Jenkins was diagnosed with kidney disease. Upon this confirmation, he turned to God first for guidance, as he has always done and continues to do. He took classes to be better informed of the nature of kidney disease and kidney failure. Facing the adversity of failing kidneys and the challenge of finding a donor match, his abiding faith in God strengthened him and ultimately prevailed, and he used his experiences to promote awareness of kidney disease and provide hope to others affected by it. In 2001, he claimed the victory with a successful kidney transplant.

Jenkins developed eight principles as a guide during the four years leading up to his transplant: spirituality, medication, nutrition, exercise, positive people and friends, decision making, plan of action, and outcome. In his words, “Using these principles helped me to keep my mind, body, and soul positive and to focus on my health and wellness needs throughout my journey of learning to live with kidney disease.”

He takes us step by step through the processes as he builds his support and health care team, makes the necessary changes in his nutrition and fitness, and of course shares the scriptures that fed him spiritually. I appreciated his stress upon the importance of 1) thinking positive, 2) speaking positive, and 3) staying positive; what we give is what we receive. Everywhere he went, and with everyone he interacted, his light shone. He looked upon each day as a gift. After reading his story, I wholeheartedly agree, for I was rooting for him every step of the way.

Victory Over Kidney Disease is available through Strive Publishing and the Minnesota Black Authors Expo website.

All of us have a testimony as to who God is and how God has moved in our lives, and Kevin Jenkins’ story is powerful. Thank you, Kevin, for your informed and inspired testimony and the lives that have been/will be touched by it.

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