Squires: Lia, Laverne, and ‘The Lion King’: How trans activists use the legacy of lynchings to silence the culture

The ubiquity of rainbow flags and pandering corporations at the beginning of June can only mean one thing: LGBT “Pride” Month has officially begun.

It is hard to overstate how quickly the country has changed on matters of sex and gender identity in the seven years since Bruce Jenner announced he was a transgender woman named “Caitlyn.”

A recent campaign video from Charles Booker explains one major reason.

Booker is a Kentucky Democrat running to unseat Senator Rand Paul in the upcoming election. He released a video that showed him with a noose around his neck as he spoke about the ugly history of lynchings in the South. He also claimed Senator Paul voted against anti-lynching legislation and compared health care expansion to slavery. The message was clear: Rand Paul’s ideas are part of Kentucky’s racist past and Charles Booker is its tolerant future.

Booker’s use of stark racial imagery explains why Lia Thomas received a sympathetic profile on ESPN this week from a writer with “they/them” pronouns and Laverne Cox announced that Mattel is making a first-of-its-kind transgender Barbie doll in his image.

The overwhelming majority of Americans know that there are only two sexes, but they have been largely silent in the face of trans ideology capturing every inch of our culture, from public policy and big business to corporate media and K-12 education.


Democrats now accuse anyone who does not agree with their new definitions of “man” and “woman” of transphobia and bigotry. In an instant, millions of loyal Democratic voters who hold traditional views of sex – from suburban soccer moms to inner-city teachers – have become enemies of what President Biden calls the “civil rights issue of our time.”

When it comes to gender ideology, we’re all Klansmen now.

Academics, politicians, pundits, and corporations act as if keeping men out of the women’s swimming pool at the Olympics is the same as wanting separate water fountains for blacks and whites. People who refuse to date someone who identifies as transgender will soon be shunned and shamed like racial purists who oppose interracial relationships. They have been told criticizing men in women’s bathrooms or mastectomies for teenage girls makes them bigots who wish death on transgender children. Democrats have likened every American who believes in human biology to a Grand Wizard holding a hangman’s noose.

No one wants to be associated with the people who carried out heinous acts of bigotry and racial violence. LGBT activists know this and have linked the gay rights movement to the Civil Rights movement for decades. The phrase “gay is the new black” is not just a rallying cry for them; it’s also their view on the natural progression of America’s long march toward equality and freedom.

The problem for the LGBT movement is that homosexuality rests on the belief that biological sex is real. The “Ts” completely disagree. They believe gender is a social construct, sex is “assigned” at birth by doctors, and gender identity is a matter of personal choice.

Like many self-professed feminists, black progressives, and white liberals, the “Ls” and “Gs” would rather nod along in silent submission than risk being placed in the same basket of deplorables as racist Trump voters. There is no worse fate for people who see themselves as oppressed than being cast in the role of oppressor. The masses have gotten the message, which is why so many would rather be silent than be linked to the new crop of multi-racial white supremacists. This is yet another reminder that shame is a powerful tool for social control.

Transgender activists used the looming legacy of battered black Americans marching for civil rights to catapult themselves to first place in the oppression Olympics. They went from John Lewis on the Edmund Pettus Bridge to Caitlyn Jenner at the ESPYs in the blink of an eye.

Disney, the parent company of ESPN, is one of the most influential companies in this movement, and anyone who has ever watched “The Lion King” understands exactly what is happening in America today.

Scar, the jealous younger brother of King Mufasa, kills the patriarch and sends young Simba into hiding. Now king, Scar takes over the Pride Lands, allows hyenas to move in, and oversees the rapid deterioration of the land. His rule over the Pride Lands and his lie about Mufasa’s death remain unchallenged until Simba grows enough in stature and courage to defeat his evil uncle.

The lesson is clear: The removal of a strong male always leaves females and the young vulnerable to outside attacks. In nature, weakness is always met with aggression. The decades-long effort to demonize masculinity and patriarchy has not eliminated male leadership; it just changed the dominant males from providers to predators who prey on those they should protect.

As is often the case, Charles Booker’s use of racial imagery for personal and political gain is built on a lie. He accused Rand Paul of opposing anti-lynching legislation but failed to mention the current Kentucky senator opposed the original bill in 2020 because he wanted to make it stronger. Paul eventually co-sponsored the Emmett Till Antilynching Act along with Senators Cory Booker, Raphael Warnock, and Tim Scott.

Lies and emotional manipulation are at the heart of every subversive movement. The left has shown over the past twenty years that tolerance and acceptance are not the goals. Leftists want total submission and unquestioning affirmation. They want you to take a picture of your child in the lap of a burly, bearded drag queen and think “what a blessing of liberty.” They want you to see men with three percent body fat and deep voices smashing records in women’s sports as the next frontier of equality. They want you to believe that anything less than your total support and allyship makes you a vile, hateful person.

The truth is that they don’t even believe what they say, as evidenced by how quickly abortion went back to being a women’s issue once Democrats learned Roe might be overturned. Every “birthing person” and “chest feeder” was forced to the back of the bus for the sake of political expediency.

Affirming the reality of sex, whether you base your position on Genesis or genetics, is the most important act of personal humility and cultural resistance you can engage in today. It is the antidote to pride because it acknowledges a power greater than the human mind. Doing so will require clear vision, an honest tongue, nerves of steel, and a multigenerational mindset. The other option is continued silence and cowardice.

Choose wisely.

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