Fury as Elon Musk called ‘African-American’ by US Presidential candidate

Stuff has really hit the fan Stateside this week, after Florida Governor Ron DeSantis labelled Elon Musk an ‘African-American’ during a press conference. The Republican politician has high hopes of running for the US Presidency in 2024 – and he’s already got high-profile support.

Here’s who Elon Musk will back for president in 2024

Musk himself has suggested that, should DeSantis run for president in two years’ time, he would give his backing to the right-leaning candidate. This would mark a significant switch from his last-preferred pick, which was Andrew Yang of the Democrat Party.

Is Elon Musk an African-American? Debate rages in US

Following the revelatory Tweet, Ron DeSantis – who has gained plenty of support from Republican voters due to his anti-mask and anti-lockdown policies – was asked for his reaction to this endorsement, to which he delivered this on-the-nose quip.

‘African-American’ endorsement enrages social media users

The statement has caused an almighty row on Twitter, with critics arguing that Elon Musk cannot be defined as an African-American, because of his white and Afrikaans lineage. Others, however, have argued that the billionaire fits the dictionary definition of the term.

Either way, DeSantis is no stranger to winding up his liberal opponents – and judging by the jovial nature of his response, it’s highly likely that the politician had a tongue planted in-cheek at some point. However, it was ELON MUSK who found himself on the receiving end of a major backlash:

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