Bias in U.S. health care system takes serious toll on African Americans: report

NEW YORK, June 16 (Xinhua) — Bias in U.S. health care system and the “weathering” effect of living in a racist society are taking a serious toll on African Americans, the National Public Radio has reported.

The COVID-19 pandemic laid bare the racial inequities that plague American health care, with Black people dying of the disease at a rate more than double that of white people, said the report.

Citing “Under the Skin,” a book authored by Linda Villarosa, the report argued that any effort to close the gap in health outcomes must also address the structural racism that underpins the U.S. health care system.

The historical myths about Black bodies — including the fallacy that Black people have a higher pain tolerance than white people — that continue to impact the way care is delivered, Villarosa was quoted as saying.

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