Henrietta Napier Health Expo in Waco

The event commemorates Napier, the first black nurse in Waco, providing resources and other health care needs.

WACO, Texas — Today in Waco, the community had access to a number of health care amenities all under one roof at the Henriette Napier Health Expo.

The event commemorates Napier for being the first black healthcare provider in the city and also offered healthcare resources, COVID vaccines, back to school vaccines and other health resources that Waco residents need.

“The reason why we did this health expo is one to honor Henrietta Napier. She was a pioneer,” Event Organizer Tre Baldwin said. “She’s the first African American registered nurse here to be able to give shots and things of that nature. So we wanted to honor her and what better way to honor her than to do a health expo and celebrate all the resources that we have here in Waco?”

Napier’s daughter Walrietta attended today’s event and was pleased to see the abundance of resources Waco has to offer. She said her mother would’ve felt the same.

“She would be so happy,” Napier said.”Her mission in life, her passion was to take care of people. And you know now at the helm, given all these different ways that they can be given access to healthcare, they give out the resources and all the people have to do is grab all of those resources and she would be so pleased. I am absolutely overwhelmed and know that she would love this event.”

Baldwin says he wants the health expo to become an annual event. Providing health necessities to families is important to him and many others and he says the best way to keep people in the know about their resources is to make them frequently available.

“We just want to continue to provide community advanced and provide health and equity and just provide events to people to understand the resources that we have in Waco. I don’t think people understand the wealth of knowledge and resources that we have healthwise in Waco. So we want to continue to provide those resources and get those things in people’s hands so they can be able to grab the things that they need to have health equity in their health care.”

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