Funding available for Craven, Jones nonprofits and they need your help

Corey Purdie's nonprofit Wash Away Unemployment plans to build Tiny Homes inside the old schoolhouse gymnasium.

Multiple local nonprofit organizations are seeking grants that will benefit great causes, in Craven and Jones counties.

Each year, organizations across the country participate in the Gannett Foundation’s A Community Thrives grantmaking and crowdfunding program. The purpose of the program is to provide funding for important projects that help a community to grow.

This year, Craven County’s Religious Community Services, Craven Literacy Council, New Bern Preservation Committee, Autismazing, Colonial Capital Humane Society and Wash Away Unemployment have applied.

In Jones County, the Belgrade Community Action Association and The Filling Station, Inc. have also applied for the program. 

Since 2017, the program has helped to distribute more than $17.7 million from donations and grants across the nation. 

The nonprofits each begin a fundraising campaign on July 18 that continues through Aug. 12, with qualifying winners receiving money and a chance to advance for larger regional and national grants. 

Each week, there is a different incentive grant available for either the most unique donors or the most raised that week. Donations must be logged through the pages created by the nonprofits on the Mighty Cause platform.

Below is more information about each nonprofit. 

Austismazing is a nonprofit organization with a mission to improve higher education, employment and entrepreneurial opportunities for young adults ages 13-30 years old on the autism spectrum through financial support, programs and other initiatives. 

The organization is seeking support to achieve an increase in public awareness of the talents and strengths possessed by autistic youth and adults. They also look to advocate and educate on behalf of autistic persons who may not have the ability to do so. 

Any money received from the program will go towards developing video interviews with grantees who wish to be a part of the program.

You can help by donating here

Belgrade Community Action Association

The Belgrade Community Action Association has been active in the community since 1970. Their purpose is to inspire and empower the Maysville community and surrounding areas’ health and social conditions through education and training.

With a focus on people who are most susceptible to the effects of low income such as the youth and elderly, BCAA has programs for each focus group to help with development, being active and involved in the community. 

You can help by donating here. 

Colonial Capital Humane Society

Colonial Capital Humane Society was founded in 1978 and grew from a shared commitment to providing a no-kill sanctuary for abandoned and stray cats and dogs.

After recently opening a new cat house to improve the lives of homeless and neglected animals throughout Craven County, the humane society’s next plan is to focus on dogs. 

The focus includes indoor and outdoor climate-controlled dog runs which will alleviate the challenges now when the summer heat arrives. An addition of a new administrative area that includes a welcome area, meeting and training room, grooming and laundry room, staff and volunteer breakroom, food prep and storage areas, and a spay/neuter surgical suite is also in the plan. 

You can help by donating here. 

Craven Literacy Council

Craven Literacy Council is a nationally accredited, volunteer-based provider of adult literacy instruction.

When individuals learn how to read, write, do basic math and use computers, they are more likely to lift themselves out of poverty, contribute to lower health care costs, and find employment. 

Craven Literacy Council provides basic literacy and English as a second language instruction to adults in one-on-one or small group settings. Basic literacy instruction includes reading, writing, speaking, listening, and basic technology. The council has man other programs that help promote reading. 

You can help by donating here. 

Filling Station

The Filling Station in Pollocksille connects people and resources in Jones County and around the world. 

Its mission is to assist with filling unmet needs in the areas of nutrition, education and connection serving the residents of Jones County. The Filling Station addresses these needs through local partnerships with many other nonprofits in Eastern North Carolina.

Fundraising dollars will be used for filling any unmet needs the organization is currently addressing. Learn more by visiting their website at

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New Bern Preservation Foundation Inc.

New Bern Preservation Foundation preserves historically significant structures and sites in and around New Bern.

Funding would go to rehabilitating North Carolina’s first African American Masonic King Solomon Lodge #1. All donations will go directly to finishing the exterior work on the two-story building including replacing windows and siding. All donations will also be used to rehabilitate the interior of the lodge.

Built in 1870, mostly by former slaves, the lodge has been in continuous use serving the African American community with fellowship and leadership. Lodge members and even those who are not masons, use this building as a symbol to provide programs and opportunities to build confidence in the African American community and help improve lives.

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Religious Community Services of New Bern Inc.

As a faith-based organization, Religious Community Services seeks to unify local religious organizations in their commitment to minister to the basic and emergency needs of individuals and families.

Volunteers unload and distribute clothes and food items during Havelock's Operation Outpost – an outreach event held every first Wednesday of the month in the afternoon by the Religious Community Services of New Bern (RCS). Other events are held in Bridgeton, Pollocksville and Alliance.

The organization is seeking to raise $25,000 to support “Operation Outpost” which will provide local and surrounding communities with key locations in rural and underprivileged areas to receive services.

The services provided will be, but are not limited to a food pantry and essential services to assist in positive life changes. 

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Wash Away Unemployment Inc.

Wash Away Unemployment is a New Bern nonprofit organization that envisions a community built on justice and grace, where past criminal offenses do not condemn a person to a life of poverty and social exclusion.

The organization provides economic opportunities to community members with high barriers to reaching employment through transitional housing, on-the-job training, and entrepreneurship programs.

Wash Away also works to build relationships with local employers and advocate for changes in policies that discriminate against people who may have been justice involved in their past.

You can help by donating here.

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