Fort Huachuca celebrates its African American history

FORT HUACHUCA, Ariz. (KGUN) — Over the span of 53 years, all four regiments of the Buffalo Soldiers served at Fort Huachuca.

“Buffalo Soldiers served at Fort Huachuca longer than any other installation in the United States of America,” said Major General Tony Hale at Fort Huachuca.

But the Fort only recently started celebrating this historical connection.

“Folks here with any memory, who had been here for a while, couldn’t remember the installation doing a recognition of Buffalo Soldiers on National Buffalo Soldier Day,” Hale said.

In 2020, Major General Tony Hale created an annual ceremony in recognition of this history. The goal: to honor the African American soldiers who faced extreme racism from the us army before desegregation.

“This country is very slow to recognize the accomplishments of African Americans in America,” said Billie Holloway Sr. with the Southwest Association of Buffalo Soldiers.

Members of the Southwest Association of Buffalo Soldiers say it’s better late than never.

“What makes it so important right now, is the fact that Fort Huachuca is embracing the history a lot more aggressively,” Holloway said.

Fort Huachuca has already named several facilities after the Buffalo Soldiers. This year, the Fort added a few more, renaming the Chapel and its Courtyard.



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