Joe Biden and Barack Obama ‘Tense’ Bromance: New Book Reveals Obama Once Told Aide ‘Shoot. Me. Now’ Over Biden’s Constant Rambling

By Mary Webber First Posted: Aug 31, 2022 06:42 AM EDT

President Joe Biden and Barack Obama have experienced tension in their relationship, with a new book claiming that the former president once told an aide, “Shoot. Me. Now” over Biden’s constant rambling. 

The tension between the two reportedly dates back to their time in the Senate, according to the upcoming book titled “The Long Alliance: The Imperfect Union of Joe Biden and Barack Obama.”

The book claimed that Obama passed a note to a staffer that read, “Shoot. Me. Now,” when Biden was making a statement during George W. Bush’s 2005 confirmation hearings for his secretary of state nominee Condoleezza Rice.

Biden and Obama had made headlines with their “bromance” during their eight years together in the White House, the New York Post reported. The book, however, showed a different light regarding the relationship between the two.

Excerpts of the book obtained by the Daily Mail noted that Barack Obama’s first impression of Joe Biden was “condescending” and tended to “ramble, clearly loving every minute of it.”

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Joe Biden and Barack Obama’s Tension in Relationship

The book claimed that Barack Obama’s lack of faith in Joe Biden went so far that the former president thought of replacing him with Hillary Clinton as his running mate in 2012 as he believed it would boost his reelection chances.

It also revealed that Obama reluctantly supported Biden in his own run for the presidency in 2020 after overcoming fears that his candidacy can be “unthinkably painful.”

The book also detailed that Obama and Biden first met in the mid-2000s when Obama stunned the Democratic party with his 2004 speech at the Democratic National Convention, which prompted calls for his presidential run.

Biden reportedly offered to get dinner at an Italian restaurant on Capitol Hill, which was described as “nothing fancy.”

However, Obama reportedly said that the two of them can go “to a nice place,” and he can afford it.

Biden was then taken aback and was said to have caught a “hint of arrogance,” according to the book.

Their meeting then ended on a “sour and uncomfortable note,” without any scheduled meeting.

Obama reportedly told his close advisor David Axelrod that Biden was a “decent guy but man, that guy can just talk and talk.”

In 2007, Biden described Obama in a New York Observer interview as the “first mainstream African American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.”

The book noted that Obama chose Biden as his running mate as the president “appealed to white voters who were suspicious of him.”

Barack Obama and Joe Biden

In April, Barack Obama returned to the White House to join Joe Biden in promoting the Affordable Health Care Act that he signed into law 12 years ago.

ABC News Go reported that Obama received a standing ovation on his return to the White House and told the crowd that it was “good to be back at the White House.”

He then opened his remarks by addressing Biden as vice president, adding that it was a joke, and hugged his former vice president.

Biden then addressed the crowd that the new act will cover around 200,000 presently uninsured Americans, with more than one million Americans will see their coverage become more affordable.

Then-White House press secretary Jen Psaki said at the time that Obama and Biden would also have lunch at the White House as they used to do “on a weekly basis.”

The former White House press secretary added that the two continue to talk regularly.

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