Black artists discuss their experiences and racial injustices in Madison’s art community

MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) – Black women artists say they are tired of not being heard in the community.

Five Black panelists discussed the challenges they faced through the years in Madison at a panel called “Black Women Artist Speak.”

The panel said they’ve been told to go to bigger cities or well-known places to be recognized for their work. Poet and columnist Fabu Carter said it’s time to educate others and use their voices.

“Well, these five artists are saying we live and work and we want to thrive in Madison. Here is where we create. Here’s where we interpret. Here is where we educate,” said Carter.

She said people of color in the arts are important.

“All of us are needed to interpret from our own unique perspectives, this historical time, this creative time, and we’re not seeing that overall support that we need,” said Carter.

One black artist said she experienced racial injustice multiple times. And now–Black women are wondering if they are respected or disrespected in the Madison area.

“It didn’t happen because her name was Lilada Gee. It happened because she was inside of a black woman creative body,” said Carter.

Arts Administrator for the city of Madison, Karin Wolf, said it’s important to learn from the black women panelists.

“I really hope that people that come take the opportunity to think about how they can decolonize sort of their own minds or their own institutions, because. That’s what we all need to be doing going forward,” said Wolf.

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