Lincoln University holds Election Day block party as Black voter turnout to play pivotal role Whether they’re marching or strolling, students at Lincoln University are showing up to vote in this year’s midterm election. 1H ago

LINCOLN UNIVERSITY, Pa. (CBS) – There are a number of get-out-the-vote events across the Delaware Valley on Tuesday. There’s a big push to remind the college crowd to get out and make their voice heard. 

At Lincoln University in Chester County, the nation’s first degree-granting Historically Black College and University, the band is ready to lead the “March to the Vote” event. The Student Government Association is hosting a Get Out The Vote Block Party.

The Lincoln marching band led students down to the on-campus polling center where they can cast their ballots in this year’s midterm election. They will then have a chance to celebrate with a DJ. 

Student Government President and Lincoln sophomore Drake Smith partnered with student political organizations, Greek life, and local churches – all leading the charge to make voting easily accessible on campus. 

“We want students to know that voting is not drab. Voting is not just for old people, voting is for everybody. Voting can be fun and it should be fun,” Smith said.

Black Americans make up nearly 14% of eligible voters. That said, Black voter turnout is projected to play a pivotal role. 

“Our forefathers were hosed down and had to walk miles to vote so we should not take it lightly,” Vevelyn Webb, of  Allen Ame Church, said.   

Smith added, “We just want to make sure as many students come out to vote. This is a crucial election.” 

One that could be swayed by these young voters who say key issues are pushing them to the polls. 

“The biggest thing right now is reproductive rights, women’s health care in general, for college students, student loan debt,” Smith said.

“It’s affecting all of us and we need to go out and vote,” senior Paige Bethune said.

In true Gen Z fashion, it’s not official until you post a selfie. 

“It’s a special moment for a lot of students. This is their first time voting. We don’t want it to be something scary, something overwhelming. We just want it to be a fun, enjoyable and memorable time,” Smith said.   

Smith says issues like student loan forgiveness, funding for higher education and gun control are top of mind for young Black voters.

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