Newt Gingrich Says Herschel Walker is a Better ‘African-American’ Than Raphael Warnock

Newt Gingrich, the thrice-married former Republican House Speaker from way back said Monday that “having an African-American” with Herschel Walker’s background in the U.S. Senate would be a “dramatic improvement” over the already-experienced Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-Ga.).

Raw Story reports “While both candidates are Black, Gingrich said that Walker was superior because of his knowledge of business and battles with mental health.”

“I think that Herschel Walker has the courage, the integrity to be a really remarkable U.S. senator, Gingrich told podcaster Charlie Kirk on The Charlie Kirk Show. ” (I’m sure it took lots of integrity to put a gun to his ex-wife’s head — just sayin.’). “And I think, having an African-American with his background — somebody who is good at business (or at least lying about business), somebody who has given over 400 speeches on military bases to help young people dealing with PTSD because of his own experience with having had concussions playing football.”

“I think Herschel would be such a dramatic improvement over Sen. Warnock, who is a hardline, um, left-wing politician,” Gingrich said, “that I really do think that it’s worth a lot of effort to make sure Herschel wins.”

Of course, Gingrich has almost as much “integrity” as Walker, when it comes to ex-wives anyway, according to Vanity Fair. He famously served his first wife, Jackie Battley, with divorce papers while she was in the hospital fighting uterine cancer. She had to get a court order in order to pay her utility bills, because yeah, Newt is just that kind of guy.

Gingrich is still married to his third wife, Callista Bisek. The two carried on an affair for six years while he was still married to 2nd wife Marianne Ginther. And in 1998, he was forced to relinquish the speakership due to an ethics scandal. The estimable number of charges (84 in all was dropped) but let’s not forget that this man persecuted former President Bill Clinton over his affair with Monica Lewinsky while he himself was having an affair with Bisek.

And as for Walker, his own son Christian rightfully called him out for his disgusting behavior towards his family in a set of fiery tweets.

So perhaps Walker and Gingrich deserve each other. Warnock isn’t 100 percent perfect, but he sure doesn’t match these two when it comes to embarrassing scandals.

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