New Greenbook “Support BLACK Periodt” Features Huge Collection Of Black-Owned US Businesses

“Knowledge is at the center. Once you are aware of the history behind these industries, once you are aware of the statistics stacked against them, and once you are aware of the resilience that it took for these industries to be thriving, you will want to find every way to make sure you are supporting these Black businesses–no ifs, ands, or buts. Hence, the first step to eliminating those excuses is acknowledging that you have these excuses. Then take the time to educate yourself by reading this book cover to cover! You will find yourself going on a personal, introspective journey equipped with resources to make a change. From there, carry out the steps of the framework.”

As the most comprehensive list of Black-owned businesses in the United States, Support BLACK Periodt is a must-have for Black travelers. It is intentionally organized to make it easy to find Black businesses based on your interest and then organized further by state. Readers can get a dose of history, tips and tricks, and resources in one place. This resource will help you build a Black-owned itinerary for any location you visit, from New York and Atlanta’s eclectic Black cultural hotspots to the small yet thriving communities in Maine, Hawaii, and beyond.

“While I want this book to serve as a collective resource for Black-owned businesses, I do not use it solely for that. Take the time to read the content of the book. I highly recommend reading it in the order it is written because there is an intentionality in how it is organized. The easiest action, in my opinion, is buying Black. This requires shifting what businesses you purchase from for your everyday items. It also requires just taking a few extra seconds to pause and think, ‘Can I buy this from a Black-owned spot?’ The hardest part is doing so Knowingly and with intention.”

“I am hoping this also leads to a community sharing more resources by tagging me on Instagram @franny_the_traveler or using the hashtag #supportblackperiodt so people can see where others go when using the book! I already had someone tag me on a comment they made to a person they connected with online because it was mentioned in the book. I want to build on that power of connection. It allows readers to support other Black people in authentic ways as I just described.”

Franny also plans to release an accompanying journal that will help readers truly reflect and digest the book and also serve as a great tool for planning travels.

“One day, I would also love to release an international resource where it is just a curation of resources from around the world, as I have been able to find Black history tours, for example, in the least expected places, such as Scotland! I want people to realize that Support BLACK Periodt is a daily movement, a USA movement, and even a global movement!”

You can purchase Support BLACK Periodt on Amazon and follow Franny on her blog, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.

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