Taylor Swift new collaboration with Ice Spice snubbed by fans

Taylor Swift fans have recently spoken up against her alleged romance with 1975 frontman, Matty Healy.

Now, the Grammy-winning artist has come under fire for her latest collaboration as she is remixed the fan-favourite song Karma from Midnights.

The new remix features rapper Ice Spice, which will be included in Midnights (Til Dawn Edition) the deluxe version.

The collab comes a month after Healy offered an ‘almost apology’ to the Bronx-born rapper after he made a slew of offensive remarks at her expense.

In the podcast, he seemingly mocked the New York rapper’s ethnicity as he laughed over the hosts’ jokes calling her an “Inuit spice girl” and a “chubby Chinese lady.” He also laughed when they imitated Hawaiian and Chinese accents.

One fan tweeted that Swift’s first collaboration with a black artist seems to be laced with an ulterior motive.

@CTRLZA wrote, “first collab with a black woman ever because your man a racist who used racist terminology in reference to the person you’re collaborating with… very calcuated [sic] miss swift.”

“Not Taylor Swift teaming up with Ice Spice for a collab gotta get that damage control in for Matty Healy,” Twitter user @emilyjslade wrote.

Moreover, a week ago, the now-deleted account, @SpeakUpNow_13, wrote a statement on behalf of concerned Swifties about the singer’s association with Healy, 34.

The fans expressed their “disappointment” over the 1975 frontman’s involvement in “acts and controversies” that “deeply trouble” them.

“From engaging in racist remarks, making offensive jokes, and admitting to watching degrading pornography in which people of colour are being humiliated and assaulted, his actions contribute to the perpetuation of hate, stereotypes, and objectification, which targets and hurts some people from the Jewish, Black, Chinese, Hawaiin, Inuit, LGBTQ+ communities, as well as women,” the letter read.

The fans noted that Swift’s voice “holds tremendous power” and that her “silence is palpable.”

At the time, Swifties expressed their dismay on social media.

“the fact that she’s openly saying this, while simultaneously sidelining her POCs fans with her association with that man is… a choice,” @ynkookgo tweeted. “honest to god. what is wrong with her?

“It’s heartbreaking to see such kind of emotionless cruel behaviour,” @s13561835 tweeted. “it’s now proved Taylor swift is privileged white woman who don’t care about other emotions, for such people racism and such issues are little how cruel. She is now showing her true face.”

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