Clemmons Family Farm offers K-12 curriculum with focus on African-American history

BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) – The Clemmons Family Farm has released a free video tutorial series for teachers to educate their students about African-American history.

The videos feature Vermont grade school teachers and Clemmons Family Farm team members. The goal is to help teachers and parents understand the Charlotte farm’s history as one of the rare African-American-owned farms in the state dating back to 1962.

The organization’s Kia’rae Hanron says these resources will help students and teachers alike understand and process the material.

“The arts are a universal language. They give us a way to communicate when words may not be sufficient. And with a history that can be so difficult and so joyful, it’s really good to have alternative means of expressions aside from, you know, just words,” she said.

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