Choosing interior decor styles

By Betül Kuşvuran, Interior Designer

This week we’ll be looking at far-flung interior decor styles, bohemian and industrial. While the bohemian style evokes a warm design with a wide colour scale, the industrial style indicates a simpler decoration.

Bohemian style

The Bohemian interior style is a decoration style that reflects a free-spirited and artistic style. Inspired by different cultures, patterns, colours and textures, it creates a relaxed, friendly and eclectic atmosphere. Full of distinctive and personal touches, this style offers an unusual and lively aesthetic. Some key features include:

Vivid Colours: It has vivid and rich colours. Bold and saturated tones such as orange, purple, pink, blue, and green are frequently used in the palette of this style.

Patterns and Textiles: Patterns play an important role. Various textile products are used, such as ethnic patterned carpets, rugs, pillows, wall decorations and curtains.

Natural Materials: Natural textures are one of the key features. Natural materials such as wood, bamboo, straw, cotton and wool are used indoors.

Eclectic Furniture: We see furniture from different periods and cultures brought together. Different furniture styles such as antique pieces, handmade furniture, colourful sofa sets and cushions can be found together.

Plants and Foliage: Plants and greenery play an important role in the Bohemian style. Large-leaved plants in pots add a natural feel to interiors.

Artistic and Personal Touches: Personal memorabilia, travel memorabilia, and handmade artwork are on display. Artistic touches such as old posters, paintings and handmade decorations are used on the walls.

Low Seating Areas: Low seating areas created with pillows and cushions help the bohemian style to create a comfortable and intimate atmosphere.

Asymmetrical Arrangement: Bohemian interiors allow asymmetry and free arrangement in arrangements. Not all have to be in perfect harmony; The important thing is that colours, patterns and textures come together in a pleasant way.

Crafts and Antiques: Handmade artwork, lace, sewing and antique pieces are essential.

The Bohemian interior style is the perfect option for those who love freedom, seek an artistic aesthetic and want to move away from the boundaries in their arrangements. This style offers a friendly and colourful interior where personal expression and creativity are at the forefront.

Industrial style

The industrial style is very popular in interior decoration and inspired by the atmosphere of factories, workshops and industrial spaces. This style is generally preferred in open and spacious areas and combines the aesthetics and functionality of the space. In industrial style, a plain and simple appearance is at the forefront. Building materials such as iron pipes are often displayed openly. There are some elements you need to consider to successfully reflect the industrial style in interiors:

Building Materials: Its most distinctive feature is to exhibit the natural and semi-processed forms of building materials. For this reason, industrial building materials such as brick walls, concrete floors and exposed ceiling beams are preferred.

Colour Palette: Generally neutral and earth tones dominate. You can create a calm atmosphere by choosing colours such as grey, black, white, beige and brown. You can add liveliness to the space by adding lively accents in the colour palette.

Furniture and Decoration: Furniture should generally be simple, plain and functional. Furniture with metal frames and wood details reflects the industrial style. For example, a large wooden dining table with metal legs or metal chairs can be preferred. Open metal shelves or metal cabinets are also frequently preferred.

Lighting: Lighting plays an important role in industrial style. Oversized and exposed light bulbs help create an industrial atmosphere. You can use industrial-style lighting fixtures in metal, copper or black.

Artistic Touches: Industrial-style paintings, wall art and vintage industrial pieces on the walls add character to the space.

Flooring and Carpets: Wood flooring or concrete floors are often used in an industrial style. However, you can add oversized rugs or rugs to make the floor warmer and more comfortable.

Accessories: Using accessories such as cast iron parts, old factory equipment and industrial metal details can complement the space. To soften the industrial style, coloured pieces have started to be used recently, especially in metal furniture.

Remember, when designing an interior, you don’t have to choose and apply one style exactly. You can bring different styles together in harmony and create your unique style.

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