Isn’t censorship discriminatory?

I braced myself in an emotional knee-jerk-reaction before reading the September 16, 2023, CBS NEWS editorial: “Jann Wenner removed from board of Rock & Roll Hall of Fame over comments deemed racist, sexist,” in case there might be some sorta stereotypical bigotry which caused the position removal of Rolling Stone magazine cofounder, Jann Wenner.

And, although understanding the firestorm of controversy regarding his book that featured only interviews with White male entertainers, “The Masters,” but omitted female and Black artists, I found it sad that those who employ their inalienable rights in forcing censorship on other’s civil liberties and constitutional rights to “Fight the Power” — 1989 song sung by American Hip Hop group, Public Enemy, where its lyric: “Our freedom of speech is freedom or death” — had me questioning what happened in the space of those past 34 years and our freedom of expression?

In closing, if society’s objective is tolerance, then instead of chastising the views of Mr. Wenner shouldn’t our battle be against the discrimination of censorship?

Rick Knight

Henrico, Virginia

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