Black History Month events

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Black History Month has arrived and ETSU is filled with different events to help kick off and celebrate during February.

Black History Month is the recognition of different achievements and obstacles that African Americans have faced and accomplished over the decades.

The Mary V. Jordan Multicultural Center, Black Affairs Association and other organizations on and off campus have come together to celebrate the significance of honoring important people and events who have impacted Black History.

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Photo of the Ribbon Giveaway event flyer. (Contributed/Black Affairs Association)

“We are conceding all celebrations on Feb. 1 and then following with other programs as well. The kick-off will start with the MLK Legacy Program, followed by another kick-off celebration that the Black Affairs Association will be hosting,” stated the Mary V. Jordan Multicultural Centers Mentoring Coordinator, Nate Tadasse.

There will be different events to help honor this month, starting with the MLK Legacy Program on Feb. 1. Along with the Umoja Concert on Saturday, Feb. 3, the concert will feature different artists such as Rico Parkay, Sunshine Anderson and M’Soul.

“The concert is in collaboration with a Johnson City agency, that focuses on African American arts and entertainment for the whole community,” stated Tadasse.

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Photo of the Umoja concert announcement flyer. (Contributed/ETSU)

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Photo of the Umoja concert announcement flyer. (Contributed/ETSU)

There will be an MLK Commemoration on Tuesday, Feb. 6, hosted by Kevin L. Brooks. Brooks is partnering with the Multicultural Center, local schools, community centers, leaders and agencies to enhance knowledge and educate people on what it means to be apart of the community and why we come together as one.

As Black History Month begins, there will be various events on campus that will symbolize this powerful and significant month. For more information about these events, visit ETSU’s master calendar to look at the events and activities that take place on campus and around Johnson City. Happy Black History Month!

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