49ers’ ‘Black Excellence’ collection a hit with fans

SANTA CLARA, Calif. (KRON) — Fans are snatching up San Francisco 49ers gear ahead of the Super Bowl next weekend. The team designed a limited-edition apparel, called the “Black Excellence Collection” which is almost sold out.

According to the lead artist behind the line, the Black Excellence collection of shirts, hats, and jackets stands as a representation of what it means to be Black and excellent on and off the field.

Lead artist, Jonathan Carroll, spoke about his inspiration for the collection’s red, black and green colors.

“Inspired by the Black flag, the African American flag, the Garvey version, but those are the colors we associate with being Black, but also inspired by Jerry Rice’s alma matta Mississippi Valley State and how much Jerry Rice has contributed to the 49ers,” said Carroll.

The team says that the collection is meant to amplify Black art and represents the styles and culture of Black employees at the 49ers.

“Showing we can be authentic in our culture, and celebrate our culture, while also showing that there is space for all types of people in this organization,” explained Carroll.

Christina Jefferson is senior director of inclusion and culture at the 49ers and worked on the collection with Carroll. She says they’ll most likely be doing another limited edition, as the collection was a hit with fans and represents the 49ers organization well.

“We are an organization that really believes in creating inclusive lines that really speak authentically to each kind of community, but also speak to multiple communities at the same time,” said Jefferson. “With all the teams leaving Oakland, the Bay Area, the 49ers have really stepped in that vacuum and kind of embraced the Black and brown fans, that have been loyal to the 49ers.”

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