Marin IJ Readers’ Forum for Feb. 5, 2024

Gabe Paulson is best for District 2 supervisor

I am writing to express my support for Gabe Paulson in the race for the District 2 seat on the Marin County Board of Supervisors in the March 5 primary election.

I have known Paulson for 20 years. I have seen his commendable performance as a leader throughout that time — first as my church’s Board of Supervisors chairman and, more recently, as mayor of Larkspur.

Paulson is a man of absolute integrity who has the wellbeing of his constituents at heart. He has a wonderful ability to bring two sides together to reach a conclusion. He is always well-versed in the issues at hand. He brings an open-minded willingness to consider both sides.

I believe he would be a welcome addition to the board.

— Pablo Ballora, Larkspur

Vote for Drouillard in District 4 supervisor race

It’s time for a change, fiscal responsibility and critical thinking on the Marin County Board of Supervisors.

Last year, as the situation continued to deteriorate on Binford Road near Novato, Francis Drouillard challenged Dennis Rodoni, his opponent for the District 4 seat on the March 5 ballot, and other supervisors during public comment time at their weekly meetings. He called them out for a lack of response and dereliction of duties.

Rush Creek Preserve, once a protected wetland, has been filled with garbage, human waste, plastic bags, Styrofoam and junk. During that time, Drouillard’s opponent sat on his hands until there was enough community pressure to cause change. Drouillard asked for a water sample due to the increased algae and pollution in the marsh. The supervisors ignored him.

Slowly, with over $2 million of taxpayer funds, there has been nominal improvement on Binford. However, there still isn’t mandatory pump-outs of human waste from the RVs by the county. Doing so continues to be a voluntary act. Our wetlands and wildlife continue to suffer.

We need a true environmentalist, not one that watches as trash goes into our wetlands. We need a good steward of our community to serve on the board to represent District 4. Vote for Francis Drouillard for supervisor in the primary election.

— Toni Shroyer, Novato

Inspired by San Rafael rally calling for cease-fire

On Jan. 27, I joined many demonstrators for a rally in San Rafael to demand that Rep. Jared Huffman, our elected official in the House of Representatives, join the many other members of Congress who have called for an immediate and permanent cease-fire of the Israel-Hamas war in Gaza.

Jewish, Arab, Asian, African American, Latino and White residents of all ages gathered at City Plaza on Fourth Street for the rally, which was followed by a march through downtown to Huffman’s San Rafael office.

Organized by the Marin County Chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America and featuring a list of speakers that included author Norman Solomon, the spirited gathering shared the heartbreak of watching while our government supports and pays for Israel’s militaristic actions. Israel’s response has led to the deaths of far too many innocent civilians, many of whom are women and children.

I think that Gazans, who see reports from all over the world about rallies like the one in San Rafael, take some heart in seeing citizens of the U.S. (and many other places) saying they are not OK with the government providing financial, diplomatic and military support to Israel.

— Steve Woodward, Fairfax

Abortion debate key in many 2024 elections

The recent cases of Brittany Watts in Ohio and Kate Cox in Texas serve as harrowing reminders of the consequences faced by women in states with draconian abortion laws. Despite Republican assurances, these women’s health emergencies were not just neglected; their personal tragedies were compounded by legal prosecution and denial of essential health care.

Despite what you might hear from Republicans on the campaign trail in 2024, trying to appear moderate by talking about the supposed “exceptions,” it’s all a mirage. The “exceptions” to these laws are neither reliable nor humane. This systematic denial of health care is a chilling echo of the once-decried “death panels.”

The only viable path forward is clear and urgent: we must send more Democrats to Congress, reelect President Joe Biden, eliminate the filibuster and firmly codify Roe v. Wade into law. This is critical to ensure that women’s health and rights are not just a matter of political debate but are protected as fundamental human rights.

— Mary Scheib, San Francisco

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