Panel to Explore African American Educational Journey

WALDORF, Md. – A significant panel discussion titled “An Evening of Learning: The African American Experience — From Segregated to Integrated Schools in Charles County” is set to take place on Tuesday, Feb. 20, at St. Charles High School, offering a deep dive into the evolution of educational experiences from segregation to integration within Charles County. This event, organized by Charles County Public Schools (CCPS) in collaboration with the Bel Alton High School Alumni Association, aims to foster a comprehensive understanding of the African American educational journey through personal narratives and historical insights.

Scheduled from 6 to 7:30 p.m., the panel will feature distinguished speakers who will share their firsthand experiences as students during a transformative era in Charles County’s educational landscape. The panelists include Jean V. Mills, Robert L. Martin, and Cora Marshall, whose stories will illuminate the challenges and triumphs encountered from segregated to integrated schools. The discussion will be moderated by Isaiah DeLeonard, a junior from La Plata High School and the youth president of the Charles County branch of the NAACP, ensuring a youthful perspective on historical and contemporary educational issues.

Adding to the evening’s significance, Matthew Wills, the Bel Alton High School Alumni Association chairman, is scheduled to deliver special remarks that will set the tone for a reflective and enlightening discussion. The event organizers have also planned for a segment dedicated to audience participation, allowing for an interactive exchange of questions and comments, further enriching the dialogue.

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CCPS has arranged for the panel discussion to be live-streamed for those unable to attend in person, ensuring broader access to this important conversation. Interested individuals can tune in at, allowing for community engagement from the comfort of their homes.

The venue, St. Charles High School, located at 5305 Piney Church Road in Waldorf, is preparing to welcome attendees for this educational evening. Guests are advised to park in the designated parking lot area next to the school gymnasium entrance, facilitating easy access to the event.

This panel discussion represents a pivotal opportunity for Charles County residents and the wider community to gain insights into the African American educational experience, reflecting on past struggles and celebrating the progress achieved through integration. It underscores the ongoing commitment of CCPS and the Bel Alton High School Alumni Association to honor the legacy of those who navigated the challenging transition from segregation to integration while also looking forward to a future of continued growth and equality in education.

The event promises to be an evening of learning and reflection and a catalyst for ongoing dialogue about the importance of understanding and appreciating the diverse historical narratives that shape our educational institutions and society at large.

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