Learning about WWII Nurse at the African American Military History Museum

The African American Military History Museum in Hattiesburg offers a look at some impressive stories to learn about.

The African American Military History Museum is an interactive museum that explores the rich history of African American men and women’s contribution during war time.

Laid out in chronological order, starting with the American Revolution and ending with the Wall of Honor, visitors can learn about the lives of black military soldiers, leaders, and wars they’ve served in through this immersive experience.

It’s here where you can learn about the life of Ruth Bailey Early, Hattiesburg’s first African American female enlistee, serving as registered nurse while in the Army.

Early and 61 other African American nurses were charged with caring for German prisoners of war. She is most famous for her quote ‘do as you will Army, but you can’t break my spirit.’

If you visit the African American Military History Museum, you can sit in the World War II supply truck also known as a deuce and a half, named that for being able to carry two-and-a-half tons of military supply.

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