Water Dept. Commissioner responds to allegations of racism

… Water Department is awash in racism. WGN Investigates first reported Tuesday … on Wednesday. The picture reigniting racism claims in the Chicago Water … tours–visits to shootings scenes in African-American neighborhoods. "You'll … RankTribe™ Black Business Directory News

Manchester GOP Refutes Racism Charges

… ’ recent charges of “dog whistle” racism. The GOP’s six candidates … , six are women, two are African-American and one is Hispanic. “The … accept the charges of implicit racism because he knows the Republican … RankTribe™ Black Business Directory News

Call a Lynching By Its Name

…  lynched 4,084 African Americans across the American … of terrorism against African Americans. Few memorials … racism” concocted theories of a “dangerous” and “devolving” race to portray African American … mass incarceration of young African American men and the … RankTribe™ Black Business Directory News

‘Son of a Bitch’: Trump’s Outburst Fits a Larger Pattern

African-American NFL player kneels during the national anthem, in protest against racism … . At least 361 black Americans were lynched there … white supremacist violence against black Americans. Alabama's … real victims" of racism in America. Moreover, … RankTribe™ Black Business Directory News